5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Better

Although often overlooked, smell is one of the first things people notice when they step through the doors of your home. Additionally, the sense of smell is closely connected to memory, which is why the subtle whiff of a familiar scent can leave you feeling nostalgic for a person or place from the past. While your other sensory memories may fade over time, the connection between specific smells and life experiences remains inextricably linked. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to make a great first impression on your guests’ odor receptors. A pleasant smell can lead to a lifetime of fond memories, while a malodorous one can discourage people from visiting again. Fortunately, there are countless ways to ensure your home makes a positive olfactory impact. 

1. Get a Home Fragrance System 

One of the easiest ways to make your home smell inviting is to install a home fragrance system. Like air fresheners, home fragrance systems release pleasant smells at custom-set intervals. Most systems offer a wide range of available scents, ranging from woodsy florals to airy citruses. This method of home fragrance distribution is a popular alternative to running essential oil diffusers and wax burners in every room, which can be energy-depleting, messy, and even dangerous.

2. Light Candles in Each Room 

Like home fragrance systems, candles bring specific scents into the home. Although they require more maintenance and attention, candles are a great option for those who don’t care to have one uniform smell throughout the house. Instead, candles allow homeowners to choose different scents for each space and to simply blow out the candle when they’ve had enough. 

3. Open Your Windows 

Whether or not you choose to introduce artificial fragrances into your home, opening your windows is a simple, cost-effective way to freshen up the place. The breeze brings in pure air and pushes out smelly, or even toxic, odors. Proper ventilation puts an end to the feel of stagnant, stale air that accumulates when a home lacks adequate air circulation.

4. Grow Some Plants 

Some find growing plants to be tedious, but if you enjoy the art of caring for them, plants are a perfect way to add both beauty and clean air to your home. Although not all plants will overpower bad smells, many plants help purify the air and keep potentially dangerous toxins at bay. You don’t have to have a green thumb to maintain houseplants, either. There are a number of options, no matter what your skill level is, for new plant parents in search of air-purifying greenery

5. Keep It Clean

Unsurprisingly, keeping your house clean is one of the best ways to maintain a pleasant smell throughout the home. This is especially true in the kitchen, where trash and garbage disposals can quickly become malodorous if not properly or swiftly emptied. Clean your carpet on a daily basis to keep it bacteria free to avoid getting foul smells. Carpet and rugs should be vacuumed and treated on a regular basis, as should any other types of upholstery that attract and trap bad smells.

First impressions matter, even when it comes to the smell of your home. Luckily, maintaining a balance of fresh air and home fragrance systems ensures that you and your guests alike will always feel cozy in your home.

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