A kitchen counter top is that part of kitchen which undoubtedly is marks the foundation and is utmost functional but is responsible for carrying the fashion. It is the counter top only that can make you kitchen stand out from the rest or could make it stand odd as well. So the design, texture and material that jell up to make the counter top are of utmost importance.

A counter top is the only part of the kitchen that grows with you, acting as amusing chairs for the kids with a view of exerted mom, a battle ground for the cooking learners, talents flaunting platform for cooking maniacs, a mutual destination which could contain plants, pictures and pots of the families and also as a love making fantasy destination for the budding lovers. But one thing that is common in all of them is that, they need a spacious, strong and stylish counter top.  To have a stylish counter that could also stay with you in all your ages as a faithful mate, there is a need to give a glance at the material being used for making it.

[box_dark]STEEL-ING STYLE[/box_dark]
steel has been there since long when it comes to kitchen assistance. A steel counter top can bestow a total high-tech look which is in trend now and has no forecast of leaving any soon, these designs are to stay. Steel with its incredible strength makes the top sturdy and can bear weights too. Also, with the water resistant nature it would be allergic to the stains and would prove a great help in cleansing purposes.  It is apt for those who want an elegant yet easy to maintain look. It could further be

[box_dark]WOODEN GLASS[/box_dark]
wood and glass is the most desirable material for kitchen, being amongst the trendy and durable tricks. These can be used solely and also by coupling together and give a warm to the whole dwelling. Wood gives toughness then glass exhibits sleekness and delicacy. But they both can be easily seen teamed up together, with more of wood and glass garnishing in style above it. Also, one can play with lights by making them reflect, fall from and through the glass and add a new dimension to the kitchen.

thus, the slabs with their ancient purposes can be made to look at their present best and hold strength and class for future all at same time if crafted with the most durable and dependable materials to make the beauty of the place and the strength to be locked in for ages.

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