Things to know about the U-Shaped kitchen layout

The U-shaped kitchen layout, also known as the C-shaped layout or the horseshoe layout, is one of the widely used and preferred designs in small, medium, and large kitchens. It is a design wherein a kitchen workplace is on three adjoining walls, two parallel walls perpendicular to a third one. In a U-shaped kitchen, one side is open, and the rest three sides are connected to each other. People in such kitchens get to work on two counters, but this also depends upon the width of the kitchen layout.

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While giving your kitchen a U-shaped layout, you should keep in mind the width, as the width decides the number of cooks who can work concurrently in a kitchen at a time. The wider the horseshoe shaped work area in the kitchen, the more people can work in it at a time. If yours is a small home, then a narrow kitchen would do but if your family is large then you should go for a wider kitchen layout. Besides the high on efficiency factor of U-shaped kitchens, they are also very convenient. You only need to turn around a bit to go from your stove to sink, and to refrigerator. Let us consider all the benefits that a U-shaped kitchen layout offers you:

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A U-shaped kitchen saves space and enables a person to do the kitchen job faster and easily. This layout offers a huge storage and work area in the kitchen. U-shaped kitchen is unlike other spacious kitchens that demand a great deal of time to reach all the parts and things in it. It is spacious but is also easier for the cook to make a fats shift from refrigerator to sink, and to other parts, as two parallel walls and another connected wall forms the entire design. You need not worry about the wastage of space in such a layout, as it offers you complete freedom to use every single inch in the form of under counter and above counter cabinet storage.

Nothing is perfect, and there is no reason for a U-shaped kitchen layout to be an exception. This layout is not that efficient for large kitchens without an island. In terms of width, this layout is not good for kitchens having width less than 10 feet of available space.


Choosing a kitchen layout is a tough task. If you want a kitchen that is spacious, easy to work in, and which improves the efficiency then probably a U-shaped kitchen is what you should opt for.

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