Safety tips for barbecue and grilling

Cooking outdoors is fun, especially those barbeque and grilling sessions. However, it has its own share of risks and uncertainties but if you know what all the risks are, and take reasonable precaution, there is no need to worry. Barbeque is a process wherein explosive fuels you use to cook food, and if you are not careful enough then disasters might happen. Here Dr Prem Jagyasi and his expert team suggest some do’s and don’ts that everyone who likes to do barbeque cooking at home needs to know:


Farther is better

barbecue party 2

Ensure that the grill placed in your garden or anywhere out is at least 10 feet away from your home. Be it a gas grill or a charcoal grill, this instruction applies to both. Never place grills underneath wooden roof or hangover, and increase the chances of a mishap.

Check it on a regular basis

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A routine checkup of your grill is must. Look for grease and fat build up on it, as it is a major source for flare-ups. If it is a gas grill then check for gas leakage. Make a solution of liquid dish soap and water and rub it over the hose and connections. Turn the gas on, if you see bubbles that means there is a gas leakage and time for serious maintenance.

Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher

Keep a fire extinguisher somewhere near the grill and ensure that you know how to use it.


explodes like a fireball

Never turn on the gas while the grill lid is closed, as doing so builds gas inside a grill that explodes like a fireball as soon as one opens the lid. The fire increases in size in a matters of seconds, so do not leave a grill unattended, not even for a minute. Some beginners do not realize and overfill a grill with food, especially fatty meats, which is dangerous.

If you overload the grill with fatty meats, a good amount of fat will drop over flames and might lead to a flare-up. Last but not the least, grills are not good to use indoors. People think fire hazard is the only reason for which barbeque and grilling are done outdoors, but there are some other factors also. Grills release carbon monoxide, which is a deadly colorless and an odorless gas.


Cooking barbeque meals is fun but can be risky for the careless. There is no worry if one knows what the dangers are, and truth be told, reasonable precautions and common sense are enough to keep you safe.

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