Spicy DIY ways to store and organize your kitchen spices

There is no need to spend a lot when you want to give an interesting design or organization to your kitchen stuff. Most of us usually find it complex to organize a variety of spices that we have to use in everyday cooking. Sometimes, the current spice organization even seems impractical and unpleasant. If you have been facing something similar and finding the spice storage task cumbersome, then we have here some interesting DIY ideas for you.

Pegboard storage


You can save space in your kitchen and make it look spicy by fixing a pegboard on one side. It can be quite helpful if you may choose such storage jars or bottles that can be hanged on this pegboard. Now, you can fill these jars with different spices and hang them to give a refreshing feel to your kitchen, even if it is small.

Magnetic spice rack


You can affix a metal plate strongly on a wall or cabinet door. Pick up some baby food jars and fill them up with the required spices. Glue a magnet to the lid of each jar. These are now ready to be stacked together on the fixed metal plate. Your space-saving and accessible magnetic spice rack is ready for use.

Test tubes

test tube

Cooking is an art, as well as a science. Thus, be creative with some basic scientific instruments. You can take some clean test tubes and store your spices in them. Then, take a thick wooden strip and drill some holes into it at equal distances. Fit your test tubes in these holes and mount the strip on a wall. Do not forget to put a cork on the top of each tube.

Stackable shelves


Make the most of your cabinet space by using stackable shelves inside. You can organize all your spice jars on such shelves. Alternatively, you may use under-shelf baskets.

Pullout drawer

Pullout drawer

If you have an easily accessible pullout drawer by the side of your stove, make use of it for organizing small containers or bottles filled with spices. You may use mason jars or any types of bottles to store spices. Just remember to label their lids so it is easy to find a spice.

Deli containers


You may have stocked several deli containers that can be used to store all your spices. Fill them all up with different spices and stack them on a shelf one on top of the other. Mark them for quick recognition.

With some DIY ideas, you can save money and time, as well as organize all your spices at an accessible place in your kitchen. Be creative and use some waste items that can store your spices neatly.

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