Kitchen Ingredients That Double as Green Cleaners

Today everything that is available in the market is full of chemicals. Besides things are expensive and at times due to heavy usage of chemicals may even pose health hazards in the long run for our children. But, cleaner agents are an important substance required in every household. Imagine, how interesting it could be if we contemplate using are day to day kitchen products as cleaning agents as well. Unbelievable, but this is really possible. Lets see how the following six ingredients found in every kitchen can be used as cleaning agents.



Vinegar: This is one of the most common kitchen ingredient that can be used as a cleaning agent. An all-purpose spray can be made by mixing two tablespoons white distilled vinegar with two cups warm water, one teaspoon Borax, a half teaspoon of dish washing soap, ten drops lavender essential oil and five drops rosemary oil together in a spray bottle. This spray can then be used like Colins to clean any kind of surface.



Baking Soda: Baking soda is a very effective abrasive cleaner for stubborn spots. A thick paste of soda and warm water can do wonders. This thick paste can be used for cleaning ovens, stove tops and bathtubs. A open box of baking soda kept in the refrigerator can absorb all food odors.


Olive Oil: Surprisingly, olive oil also works as a good natural cleaning agent. Scratches on leather furniture can be cleaned by pouring a small amount of olive oil onto a cotton cloth and then rubbing  the leather in a circular motion. You can shine stainless steel, polish furniture and clean dusty plant leaves with this popular kitchen ingredient.


Lemon: Lime is very commonly used in commercial furniture polish. This mixture can be created at home. Create a solution by mixing two parts of olive oil and one part of lemon juice. Once, the furniture is polished, rub this mixture of olive oil and lemon on to the furniture with a soft cloth to get rid of the polish odor. Lemon juice can also be rubbed into fridge shelves for a fresh scent.


Vodka: A homemade natural air freshner spray can be made using vodka. To make the freshener, take a small bottle and add one teaspoon of vodka to it. To this add 25-30  drops of your favorite aroma oil. Shake this well and add some warm water to it and set aside. This can now be used as an air freshener.


Vanilla Extract:Do you love the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies? You can simulate the experience without all the work by baking vanilla in the oven. Another way to freshen your home’s interior with vanilla is to place a few drops on a cotton ball and place it on a shelf in each room.


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