If you are using self-storage, what insurance will you need?

When people are moving home, it is common for them to use self-storage at some point. This could be for a number of reasons, such as construction work is still going on at the new place or the move may force one to have no room for some infrequently used items. Other reasons may include the need to sort through some items before they are moved into the new property, in order to see what should be kept and what can be gotten rid of.

There are plenty of reputable self-storage providers around, such as Access Self-Storage. You should be able to find just the right self-storage container for your needs. If you want your property to be safe in self-storage, you need to know how good the security is as the facility and what insurance you need to have to rent a unit.

How secure is a self-storage unit?

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Obviously, when you are paying money for it, you do not want your self-storage unit to be unreliable in terms of security. Do not be afraid to ask about security before you sign a contract. There should be cameras in place, as well as other security products, to help ensure the security of everything in your self-storage unit. You should have access to the unit; although you can ask others to be added to the list of people that has access. This is a good idea if the people you give access to are trustworthy, especially if they are friends or family.

Insurance of your self-storage unit

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Even if the self-storage provider has good security procedure in place, some incidents could still threaten the safety of the items in your self-storage unit. These incidents include natural disasters such as floods. The key to keep your belongings safe is to have insurance in place. The good news is that your own home insurance can protect many of the items you place in self-storage. It’s certainly worth taking a look at your home insurance policy to check and see if you are already covered.

Of course, this does not work if you do not currently have a home insurance policy in place. If this is the case, you may need to ask the storage facility about the insurance provision they can provide. One point worth making is that you will usually need to have proof of your insurance, before you can move items into your self-storage unit. If your home insurance covers your belongings, you should remember to take your policy with you as proof.

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