How to unblock a toilet

One of the worst plumbing problems you can have is a blocked toilet; after all no-one likes not being able to flush properly. Sometimes a blockage will simply mean that the toilet does not clear as quickly as usual, sometimes you may not be able to clear the toilet at all. This is obviously a big problem which needs to be addressed straight away.

There will be times when you can solve the problem of a blocked toilet on your own. On other occasionsyou may need to seek professional help; click here for more information. We are going to take you through the process of trying to unblock your toilet yourself; a process that will often be successful.

How can you tell you have a blocked toilet?


Just because your toilet is not flushing as quickly as it used to, you should not assume that there is a blockage. The problem could be that there is not enough water in the tank of your toilet. It’s really easy to check if this is the case; all you have to do is lift the lid off the toilet and check the indicator mark on the tank to see what level the water should be at. If you can see that the water level is not high enough then you need to adjust the fill valve or ballcock so that the water is adjusted to the right level. If you check the water levels in the tank, and they seem to be okay, then it’s likely that you have a blocked toilet to deal with.

How to unblock the toilet

Plumber hands tightning water outlet with pliers

Do not worry too much if you have a blocked toilet in your home. Often it’s easy to remove the blockage yourself. If you cannot remove it then you just need to call the experts in to help. The easiest way of trying to remove the blockage yourself is to use a plunger on the toilet. Most people have a plunger around their home but if you do not then there is no need to worry; you can improvise. An object such as a mop, with a plastic bag tied tightly over thehead, makes an excellent stand-in for a plunger.

In the vast majority of cases using a plunger on a toilet is enough to remove any blockage that is causing a problem,if this solution does not work for you then it may be time to use a toilet auger. This device provides you with the flexibility you need to get further down the toiletdrain and remove any stubborn blockages.

Of course, you may decide that after having tried to solve the problem with a plunger you do not want to spend any more time on the issue. If this is the case then you can always contact a plumbing professional and get them to clear the blockage in your toilet for you.

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