Some common kitchen design mistakes and ways to avoid them

A well designed kitchen is one that functions properly and at the same time looks good. The biggest mistake one can make while designing a kitchen is becomingthe design expert themselves. The impractical design of a kitchen makes it inefficient and difficult to use. Proper planning can add value to the kitchen and make cooking enjoyable.Check out some common kitchen design mistakes that you should avoid.

Too many open shelves


Making too many open shelves in kitchen is not at all a good idea. You may not like to display every bowl or cup in the shelves. Some crockery may be worth displaying whereas some need to be kept hidden. To avoid this mistake, make open shelves in moderation. Display only the special crockery items and hide the rest in closed cabins.

Not having sufficient lighting


Kitchen is the place where maximum light is needed. It can be general illumination in the entire kitchen area or the areas where daily tasks are performed. Not having enough lighting makes the kitchen gloomy. Consider installing lights overhead, underneath the upper cabinets and design areas that you wish to highlight. Doing so will not only provide plenty light to the kitchen but also make it appear bright and beautiful.

No backsplash

No backsplash

Investing so much money on the kitchen and not installing a backsplash will be a reason to lose money over long term. While cooking, the food splatters in the backsplash zone and makes the entire area dirty. The backsplash is not just a design cover but an important part behind the stove/oven that keeps the kitchen clean and prevents it from damage.

Space wastage

Space wastage

There may be ample free space in the kitchen. Leaving it unutilized will always make you complain about less space in the kitchen. Cabins can be made over the top in kitchens having high ceiling. These cabins can be used for storing cans, dry goods and other material. These areas don’t even catch dust easily.

Improper layout

Improper layout

If the kitchen is not designed properly its efficiency is reduced. You may have to strive reaching different ends to carry a single task. To avoid this problem, a simple kitchen triangle rule can be followed. The triangle connects the three major work places stove/oven, fridge and sink. Doing so allows an easy access to these areas.

Kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time and where guests pop up frequently. You definitely want this area to be designed well. Consult a kitchen designer before planning anything. A wise planning willhelp you run the kitchen successfully and prevent some common kitchen mistakes.

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