How to keep kitchen sponges odor free and dry

Keeping your kitchen sponge clean, odor free and dry isn’t rocket science and you can keep your favorite sponges spick and span using these easy methods.

1. Blow dry it

Keeping the sponge dry is the key to avoiding nasty odors and bacteria. The best way to completely dry out a sponge is to clean it with dish washing liquid, rinse thoroughly, wring all the water out of it and stick it in front of a blow-dryer to dry it out completely.

2. The office binder clip drying rack

If you just don’t have a dry and clean space to put your kitchen sponge to dry after you rinse it, you can create a DIY sponge holder/air drying stand using an office binder clip.


3. Deep clean and disinfect kitchen sponges every 3 days

During the rainy or winter season or at times when you can’t dry out your sponge in the sun, you should simply soak it in a lemon/vinegar and water solution or 10% bleach and hot water solution for 10 minutes. Rinse under running water, wring and air/sun dry to kill all germs.

4. Microwave it

If you’re using a non-metallic, non-plastic sponge, you can always try microwaving it to disinfect it thoroughly. For this method, you need to place the sponge in a dish full of water and microwave on high for 5 minutes. The hot scalding water will kill all the bacteria. Alternatively, you can also put a heavily wet sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill 99% of all the living bacteria.

5. Steam/boiling water cleaning

If your kitchen sponges are made from plastic or contain metal, you should disinfect them in boiling water or in a steaming device. Wear rubber gloves when you wring them and then leave them to sun dry before using again.

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