Guide to create a minimalist kitchen


Minimalist kitchen is one which is pared down to the basics. Kitchens are one of the most used areas in the home, and also one of the most cluttered. With all the tempting latest gadgets and appliances which are simply irresistible, the kitchen counters and cabinets get filled up. Ultimately, most of the appliances, sleek pots and pans are hardly used. A neat and tidy kitchen is one where everything is in its place, without any overflowing clutter. Here’s how to create minimalist kitchen:

Guide to create minimalist kitchen

1. Minimalistic design style

minimalist-kitchenMinimalistic kitchens are noted for having clean lines as well as natural elements. There is no ostentation or opulence in a minimalist kitchen, rather every element is carefully thought and used. Simplicity is the point and this is achieved with the help of slab cabinets, neutral and monochromatic color scheme. Too many bright colors will make the kitchen look small. Quartz, concrete and wood are the materials for a minimalist style.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk inside your kitchen? This is a sure shot sign that your kitchen needs revamping and maybe a style makeover to minimalism. The strategy behind minimalist kitchens is a focus on the minimum, no extraneous things. Take a good look around your kitchen and make a list of everything that you feel is superfluous.

You can organize your kitchen by buying multipurpose items such as pans, bowls and fruit bowls which can be kept one inside the other. This saves space and adds a pop of color to your kitchen. Matching items create the clean look which minimalists look for.

One of the ways to transform your kitchen into a minimalist design scheme, without any major spending is to just swap the hardware and the faucets to sleek, simple designs. Chrome designs looks ultramodern, sophisticated and austere.

2. Have a place for everything

If you are remodeling, then you should build cabinets and drawers which can store all your appliances, dishes, glasses, containers, groceries and so on. In case, you are trying to revamp your kitchen, then you have to organize your kitchen in the minimalist way. Basically, by relocating, donating, selling or throwing any item which you don’t use, or hardly ever use. Kitchens also contain random items which collect there but belong elsewhere in the house.

Designate drawers for your cookware as well as silverware. Store the containers and plates, small appliances as well as larger appliances which are not used much, as well as the food in closets and shelves. The goal is to have a clean and tidy countertop.

3. Ditch the microwave

Ditch-the-microwaveThis seems unfeasible, but might be for the best. Heating food on the stove is healthier, and without a microwave, you may be inspired to cook your meals. A slow cooker can cook your food and keep it nice and hot for you when you return home. Microwaves heat faster but robs food of their flavor as well as quality. Try living without microwave for a week, and you’d be surprised that you did get by without it! The first step to declutter your kitchen is to let go of the microwave.

4. Keep only dishware you need

Pretty dishes have a way of accumulating over time. We keep buying for the parties that we think we will throw, and then you would serve in the beautiful dishes. But the reality is that you only end up using the same plates every day.

Keep your favorite set and the most elegant and start using it, instead of storing them. Use even your best heirloom china, or just keep that one set apart from the ones you normally use. Donate the rest to Goodwill or some other charity. This is one of the best ways to declutter your kitchen and you’d be amazed at the amount of space that has suddenly been freed up in your kitchen.

5. Pare down the knife collection

Pare-down-the-knife-collectionDo you really need so many knives? Most people seem to have a huge number of knives, and they can get in everywhere. Knife sets are gifted by relatives and friends, and the number goes up with every anniversary. Just choose the knives you need, of good quality and probably you will need only about 4 in the kitchen. Give away the rest, and clear space on the counter.

6. Get rid of space-consuming gadgets

One aspect of minimalism is that you are presented with the opportunity to take a hard look at your possessions, including those in your kitchen. You finally have to sit down and decide what is essential and what is not.

And while you’re trying to reduce, an increasingly high-tech world develops new products which are too good to be true, and maybe they are! Instead of buying the latest versions of your gadgets, or the latest smart kitchen helpers, you actually should try to stick to the old faithfuls.

However, every gadget has a shelf life, and if you have some which you never got around to repairing, but think you will someday, then it’s time to recycle them. Some interesting gadgets will turn up completely behind in the cupboard, and these too you have never used. Sell them on eBay, or gift them or recycle them.

7. Count your pots and pans

Count-your-pots-and-pansGleaming cookware looks attractive, but just like knives and dishes, you don’t need three sizes for every kind. For example, a big stock pot, medium size cast iron pan, some sauce pots (stainless steel with lids), a kettle is actually all you use, come to think of it. Keep the key items which you need and dispose of the rest, especially the ones that are impossible to store in the space you have.

8. Create proper storage

After getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your kitchen that has lain in your kitchen unused for years, it’s time to assign a proper place to store everything. There are many attractive shelves, canisters and wall mounted storage available. Invest in ones which match your theme. Put the grocery in containers which are marked. It looks good and reduces the feeling of disarray.

9. Keep the counters clear

Keep-the-counters-clearThe kitchen will reflect a minimalist appearance when the counters and other surfaces such as stovetops and refrigerator tops are clear. It is a battle every day, but if you have only the necessary things, you will be able to achieve your target. You have to devote a few minutes every day to tidy up the kitchen. If you have glass cabinets, you cannot hide the mess inside. Make sure to arrange everything inside them also to get the look you desire.

10. Keep the decor minimum

Too many decorative items will again create clutter. Just one or two well-placed beautiful objects will add to the charm of your kitchen. It’s also important to leave space in between your items, so that there is breathing space. This is the point of a minimalist kitchen – to have little but what you have is required and beautiful to look at.

Take time to clean your kitchen and to downsize it. Be a little ruthless, and instead of hoarding the sentimental items, start using them. Invest in good quality appliances and utensils which you will use rather than buying on a whim, to maintain your minimalist kitchen.

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