Glass tiles– Shimmering tiles make a great addition to stylish kitchen designs

The use of ceramic for cutlery and dishes goes back to the ancient ages. While ceramic is brittle and prone to damage, it is also one of the most neutral surfaces known to man. It can withstand acids, alkalis, chemical reagents, extreme heat and pressure. The heat shield of the space shuttle is made of ceramic capable of withstanding temperatures up to 3000 degree Celsius. Ceramic is also easy to clean with water as not substance can adhere to the surface of polished ceramic. Porcelain has been used for flooring in wash rooms due to its durability, hygienic benefits and ease of cleaning. Recently even kitchens are being made of ceramic tiles so that it conforms to modern standards of health and disease prevention. The advantages of ceramic as a construction material for the kitchens are:



Ceramic does not rust, it does not rot and once set properly is very hard to remove. Constructing a kitchen with ceramic tiles is a very good idea as it provides a sense of solidity and strength to the kitchen. It makes an excellent surface for handling heavy objects and materials as it can withstand formidable amounts of pressure with ease. While concrete or wooden floors are prone to decay and depreciation ceramic remains, to a large extent unaffected by the rigours of cooking and boiling food.


Being a smooth surface nothing sticks to the ceramic tiles. They are therefore very easy to clean and maintain. Even the most powerful of kitchen waste does not dent the tiles or affect its placement. Spills and filth can be washed away with nothing but a rag and some water. Even the soot from the fire in the kitchen can be easily washed off ceramic tiles.

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Ceramic tiles come in every shape and size and color. They are bright and attractive and stay bright and attractive for a long time. Designs can be made easily on the ceramic tiles, limited only by the imagination and ingenuity of the designer who draws the plans for the kitchen. The view of walls perfectly clean and aesthetically beautiful encourages the chef to outdo himself in culinary endeavors and imparts an appetite to the consumers. Stylish kitchens are made hygienic and useful at the same time by the use of ceramic tiles. Shimmering tiles on the wall or on the floor in the form of geometric patterns, figurines, mosaic or collage enhances the beauty of the kitchen significantly.

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