How to design an oak wood kitchen

In the present times, when white kitchens are in vogue, an oak finished one is exotic and breath- takingly unique. It sure makes a bold and unusual statement. Apart from raising thelevel of beauty it also keeps the area warm. As a kitchen forms the fundamental functional unit in the whole house where a variety of activities take place, it has to be modeled to perfection.

An oak finish floor is soft as the coarseness of the grains is toned down.


A fireplace in the kitchen is always a welcoming sight. It soothes ones mood and tones it to the right level. If you spend an overwhelming part of your time in the kitchen, then a raised fireplace should definitely form a potent option. A beautiful view of the yard can also lift dampened spirits.


Spacious cabinets where a lot of things can be stored is an economic option. It should have deep rows to store the utensils which are not used every day. The lower rows can be used to keep everyday utensils and can be easily reach.


The marble that you use should be given a lot of thought as it can make or break the whole thing. A deep tone should be thoroughly avoided whereas something light and fresh is a splendid option. Calacatta gold which is a warm white with gold and grey veins running is a remarkable choice.


A steel door can lend the whole kitchen a very chic and cool look breaking the monotony of the oak finish. It will blend with the surroundings creating a very beautiful image.


A farmhouse sink with a porcelain apron front will give the kitchen a blend of tradition and modernism. The sinks are durable and easy maintenance.


Placing two refrigerators is a very good option as it will save your utensils from getting crammed, will organize the whole kitchen with the right things in the right places and it almost spells luxury for many.

Cooking range:

Last but not the last, the cooking range is very important. It is practically the heart of the kitchen and so you can’t afford to go wrong with it. A high-tech Wolf is a sinful luxury that you should indulge in.

To add a rustic touch to the modernity of the ara, tonue and groove detailing on the wood can be given a thought. The choice of wood and the finish will dress it up and it will definitely attract appreciation. The right ideas can weave the island of your fantasies!

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