Design ideas of a kitchen for a social able cook

Do you love food? Well all the readers who are reading this article must have nodded their heads in yes. So the next question will be that do you love cooking? This time if not all but many heads must have nodded in yes. Nevertheless we are here to talk about a kitchen that is perfect for cooks who are social in nature. Cooks too can be of many kinds such as some people like to cook in solitude while there are some who like the company of their friends and family. The kitchen too must be according to the cook so that he or she can work in it comfortably. Since we are talking about social cooks, we will discuss kitchen ideas for the same.

A kitchen best for a social cook

What you can do is create a light space and add a lot of worktops in the kitchen as that would be perfect for a social cook. We will take the help of Jenny’s kitchen which has a lot of space in it which can be used with maximum utility. Jenny is a property agent by profession and loves to cook and have over friends and family for get together. She lives in a house which has a big kitchen with ample space in it.


She wants a kitchen that is inviting and has a lot of light entering it through the windows. She has the liberty to try something new as there are no kids in the house as they no longer live there so she does not have to worry about things like baby proofing! A kitchen island that is classy and easy to clean seems like a perfect option. Jenny would love having a kitchen counter along with a table for four where they can eat if they want to.

Along with the slab she would also need to find colors for the wall as a pure white kitchen will look devoid of life. She can always go for subtle colors as they look elegant and infuse some life into the place. Two different colors can be used for the worktops as that will add versatility to the kitchen area. The integrated kitchen appliances can be put in shelves with glossy doors as that will look good and save a lot of space on the counters.

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