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Cooking is something that like any other passion of any person requires certain elements that help to bring it one inch closer to perfection. Yes, with all the advancements in technology, good old food has been distorted into canned and processed food, but truth be said, there is nothing quite like the touch of your spatula and a little of your own love that no canned food can ever compete with.

Therefore, for people who do not like to cook, just because they were never good with it, here are some basic tips that might just help to turn the tables. These tips are not at all cooking tips, rather they are tips that will help you to fall in love with your kitchen. Cooking is to be taken as poetry, after all, cooking is creation too, right?? Just like verses, the different ingredients as individual words do not have meaning but coupled with its complements, it works magic.

music in the kitchen


If you want to create good food, what you should do is to create an atmosphere around your kitchen. There are so many ways that you can do that. After all, no one likes to cook in a bland place, somewhere where you hardly feel yourself. Maybe you love music, introduce a little into your kitchen. Maybe you love to do the salsa, listen to a bit of Latin music, shake your hips and stir your soup.


This is one of the most important elements, of not just cooking, but of almost everything. You need to enjoy everything that you do in order to do it good. Cooking is an art, it is not plain and simple mathematics that you could do placing a formula. Cooking requires the heart to go into the food, and only then will it be pleasing to the taste buds. That is the only reason why we always remember the food our mothers made, considering that she did cook. Just because the love that went into the food, the love for a mother for her child, that in itself relegates the food to a higher plane.



Clean up your instrument, they are your weapons against all the fleshy and juicy ingredients that make it to your table.  Also cleaning up your instruments each and every day, taking care of them, relegates you to the mentality that they are a part of you and thus, you will not be, henceforth, able to neglect them.

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