Insect pod

Boy biting toy praying mantis

We have all come across so many different types of cuisines in our lifetime. All around the world, there are so many types of food that are eaten. In this respect, certain foods are not edible in certain areas of the world, and yet the same food may be a delicacy somewhere else.


In light of certain events, it is to be mentioned as to the habits of insect eating. Insects are not at all something which are completely inedible. Rather, they form many delicacies in the East, especially in parts of China. Moreover, in the South American regions, people are known to eat raw caterpillars, that is how nutritious they are.

Other regions of the world may shrug up their noses but even cockroaches are known to be coated with chocolate and consumed as a sweetmeat. After considering all this, it is not completely out of the world when the U.N. stated that all round the world, insects should become a staple ingredient in our kitchens.


The U.N. suggested that people should put in a bit more of these insects in our daily diets out of concern about the state of the atmosphere, above all. Livestock and other cattle are literal methane factories, when we think of all those gases that they produce. In that respect, insects are far more “eco-friendly” because they do not have any such output as livestock.

Moreover, insects also take up a far smaller area of our world that cattle does. What’s more is that unlike cattle and other livestock, insects can be grown in your own kitchen, literally.

That’s the goal of Lepsis, a prototype countertop grasshopper breeder from designer Mansour Ourasanah in collaboration with KitchenAid.

“As a symbol of change, the product is a constant remember of the importance of food, its infinite diversity and our contribution in the survival of the planet and the fate future generations,” Ourasanah writes in his design summary.


Lepsis comes with four different units–one each for breeding, growing, harvesting and killing your next delicious grasshopper burger. So far, it’s just in the prototype phase, and there aren’t a whole lot of specifics on how exactly the different units work–like whether it will kill your dinner swarm for you.

Whether this will become a permanent solution is not known since many people do not like the idea of having to feed on insects but this is surely an innovative product for sure.

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