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Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen, considered to be the heart of the house is an area where the ladies rule. So like its rulers, a kitchen ought to be decorated and adorned beautifully. There are a wide variety of options to make your kitchen look sparkling.

From glass cabinet knobs to antique restoration cabinet hardware to elegant wildlife cabinet hardware including flowers, fish, animals, leaves and twigs one would say that the options available are boundless.

vintage knobs

Vintage knobs

There is nothing better than the traditional and antique collection which not only renders comfort and timelessness but also gives a sense of warmth to any furniture or cabinetry. Round vintage knobs with antique nickel and hammered antique copper knobs are perfect examples.

Crystal Knobs

Crystal knobs

These crystal knobs offer a frosty finish to the whole of the cabinet. These knobs vary from ruby red to ruby gold. If attempts are made to match them with the pulls in the set, they would add more grace.

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls

Unfinished and polished stamped solid brass drawer pulls render an antique look to the whole drawer. It would be appropriate for a wide range of drawers and cabinets. You can also use stainless steel bar pulls finished in blazing nickel to provide a contemporary look.

Wood Carvings

Wood carvings

Large wood carvings can make great centerpieces. You can also have intricately carved wood medallions to make your furniture more appalling.

Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves

Attractive wooden shelves with iron base can be a unique display. They can be made more glamorous by caramel colored wood.

Glass Racks

Glass racks

With space saving pull down glass racks, you can organize your drinking glasses and plates. The stainless steel glass racks with glasses in an upside down fashion clung into the rack provides grandeur to the whole cabin.

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