5 Mini fridges for small kitchens

Mini refrigeratorsA refrigerator is an important and essential appliance for your home when it comes to store and preserve food items or other products for a longer period of time. Refrigerators come in different sizes and structures. Some are huge, some are moderate and some are smaller in size.

The smaller ones generally have a low capacity to conserve food and other important items because most of the manufacturers concentrate on the freezer section in these mini fridges, and don’t consider the area in which they will be placed. This negligence leads to a higher level of inconvenience for the refrigerator owner.

But there are companies that design mini refrigerators and keep in mind the combo function of refrigerator along with the idea of small kitchens:

1. Danby DCR326BSL

Danby DCR326BSL

a. Danby DCR326BSL is a dual door mini refrigerator which has a stainless steel finish and comes with a freezer and fridge combo to match up with the big giant refrigerators.

b. The total capacity of the refrigerator is 3.1 or 88 litres.

c. Has adequate bottle storage with clear vegetable crisper.

d. The price of the fridge ranges from $202 to $249.

2. Summit BI540 :

Summit BI540

a. Summit professional B1540 is a 5.3 cubic feet mini fridge which is 24 inch wide and reasonable space for both the sections.

b. There is a built-in freezer with a cycle defrost system that saves consumed energy.

c. It has shelves which are adjustable and you can add any customized design on to its front to make it look more interesting.

d. It has a stainless steel frame, which adds to its durability.

e. The fridge will cost you approx. $730.

3. Vitrifrigo C180RFX:

Vitrifrigo C180RFX

a. Vitrifrigo C180RFX is a 5.5 cubic feet mini refrigerator. It comes with a huge capacity to cater all your essential needs and requirements.

b. It’s a stainless steel refrigerator with single door opening and an interchangeable door facility.

c. It has a front and top opening. One can add the freezer to this appliance but it would have to be purchased.

d. The refrigerator is smooth in its looks but immense in its price. It will cost you around $2,045.

4. Summit CP3ADA :

Summit CP3ADA

a. A moderate kind of refrigerator having reasonable looks. It is not the one you will die for but definitely it serves a balanced purpose.

b. It is 2.9 cubic feet in capacity with moderate space available for both freezer and fridge.

c. It can cost you around $550.

5. Kitchen Aid Double Drawer KDDC2R4VS :

Kitchen Aid Double Drawer KDDC2R4VS

a. A double drawer refrigerator with reasonably good space allows you to store more food items at the same time. Because it has deep drawers fixed in it.

b. It comes with electronic controlled display. This function allows you to set and adjust the temperature at a hands stretch.

c. With 24 inches width and 5.1 cubic feet capacity, the refrigerator is energy star rated.

d. Provides you LED lights functioning for a brighter view of all food items.

e. This will cost you some additional amount as compared to other mini refrigerators, and the price would be around $2,350.

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