Char-Broil modular outdoor kitchen enhances outdoor cooking experience


Char-Broil, the manufacturer of grills who made outdoor cooking a way of life in America, has now expanded into some brand new, affordable kitchen appliances and convenience modules. The company, which started manufacturing outdoors grills in the year 1948, has come up with a modular outdoor grill range, which can suit every budget. Depending on the space and money, you’re willing to spend, you can choose from the various options. The Char-Broil modular outdoor kitchen is made from stainless steel, which means it will last longer. The granite countertops make the outdoor kitchen look great, and the leveling casters and adjustable legs enables the kitchen to hold steady in uneven ground too. Read on to find out more:

Stunning new Char-Broil modular outdoor kitchen


Char-Broil has been known for its portable grills, electric grills as well as gas grill with an electric ignition. Now, the company has revealed its modular outdoor grill, which has TRU-Infrared technology for enhanced cooking. It prevents flare-up and distributes the heat evenly across all the grates.

Stainless steel body makes the cooktops sturdy and durable, and the granite countertops make for easy cleaning, as well as making them look super attractive. The module features knobs illuminated with LED lights and have integrated halogen lights, which make it easier to cook in the dark. Talk about backyard lighting from the cooking range itself. The Char-Broil outdoor kitchens can be bought from Lowe’s barbecues and outdoor kitchens. This will make a great addition when you blend it with any of the outdoor kitchen ideas.

Components of the outdoor kitchen grill

There are some excellent features in the Char-Broil modular kitchen for the outdoors. The gas grills and griddle, stove top, granite bar, corner module, refrigerator and entertainment module makes it a unique outdoor grill. The new modular outdoor grill can be bought from Lowe’s barbecues and outdoor kitchens at an affordable rate.

Innovative capabilities

The outdoor grill has included some great innovations, and according to the company’s Product Manager, they aim to deliver high quality as well as luxurious, high end products at a price, which most people will be able to afford. Many people want to have outdoor kitchens but the price and channel availability is a deterrent. But this new product can overcome those barriers, as they are easily customizable. The company promises to elevate the cooking experience of people, and hope to exceed their expectation of outdoor entertaining.

Features of the Char-Broil outdoor cooking range

The various components or features of the outdoor grill can be combined to create the perfect module for your home. With the help of a few design ideas, you can come up with a uniquely designed outdoor kitchen. You can choose or make your own outdoor kitchen packages. Here the elements you can choose from:

5 Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill


The latest TRU-Infrared cooking tech enables heat to be distributed evenly, making food juicier and tastier. The natural juices of the foods are retained adding more flavor to whatever you cook. The stove is integrated LED and halogen lights and an electronic ignition called SureFire, which makes lighting it dependable.

3 Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill

This is the smaller than the 5 Burner and is suited for smaller outdoor areas. All the features are the same as the 5 Burner so you get to enjoy the luxury grill even if you have a small space outdoors.

Stove Top

You can grill the meat and cook the barbecue sauce simultaneously or prep your salad or side dishes with the stovetop that you can install outdoors. The outdoor kitchen packages enable you to choose the accessories you want along with the grill. It has dual burners, iron gates that are coated with porcelain, SureFire ignition, and the LED light knobs. 

Gas Griddle

Enjoy summer breakfasts outdoors with this gas griddle with which you can toss up some lovely pancakes. You can serve toast for dinner or brunch along with the delicious grilled meat. It has SureFire ignition, LED lighted knobs, grease plate and removable griddle plate.

Entertainment Module


Get entertainment while you’re getting ready to entertain – this module has a faucet, sink, electrical outlet and trash can. A cutting board and removable cooler add to the functions of this unit.

Granite Bar

This is an attachment for the Entertainment Module and is especially useful if you have many guests coming over, and want more space to work on. It has a beautiful granite stone bar top and a stainless steel worktop for more working space.


Keep your veggies fresh and your drinks cold with the Refrigerator addition.

Corner Module

For those who love throwing large outdoor parties, the corner module will provide more grilling space, to grill more food at one go.

The Char-Broil kitchen has many innovative modules to make outdoor grilling a delightful experience. The affordable, customizable aspect of the range enables it to be used by many more people who want to experience outdoor cookouts on a reliable but luxurious kitchen range.

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