5 Tips to construct a chill out wet bar at home

Having a wet bar at home is really a cool idea which helps everyone to chill out! But, whenever you think of making a wet bar for yourself at home, there are a few options that crop up. The most important necessity in a wet bar at home is to ensure that the bar does not tip over. And for this, the best possible design would be the U-shaped bar. The curved wall design is also pretty robust but it involves some building challenges. The easiest to build and a pretty stable wet bar would be the L-shaped one with a short wing. There are some points that you must ensure so that you build a good wet bar.

DIY Wet Bar

1. The dimensions are critical:

Customization and individuality should not get expressed in the bar height. Try to keep this to the standard 42 inches. If you wish to make use of bar stools, the front overhang on the patron’s side of the bar should be about 12 inches. 6-8 inches will suffice if it is a stand-only bar. The overhang on the bartender’s side could be customized according to personal preferences. But keep in mind that if your top is made of stone or some other heave stuff, it should be well balanced and not make the bar tip over.

2. Getting a granite top would be a neat idea:

Granite gives a natural and elegant look to the bar. It comes in various colors, shades and textures so that there is enough of variety to choose from. Dark granites are easy to maintain and care for. However, keep in mind that it is always advisable to meet with the granite supplier before you build the walls of the bar. This is because, he will be able to give a correct idea about how best you could balance it. A huge football figure may just casually lean on your bar and tip it down otherwise!

3. Making the walls of your bar:

The rule of thumb to remember here is that the wider your wall, the sturdier and stabler the bar will be. Though the standard wall sizes would preferably be 2′ x 6′, nothing can beat the stability provided by the walls of 2′ x 8′ walls. However, if space is a severe constraint, you could even think of going for the 2′ x 4′ walls.

4. Planning the lighting:

Lighting is a vital factor that either makes or breaks the ambiance. Creative lighting enhances the looks and feel of the bar. For your bar, you could visit either the lighting showrooms or even some big stores and get ideas. Recessed lights, indirect lights and hanging lights are all ways by which you can enhance your bar.

5. Making provision for the electrical needs:

A lot of appliances and equipment go behind making a successful bar. Ensure that you have made the necessary provisions for the refrigerator, the mixer, the phone and other appliances before you complete the design and construction of your bar.

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