15 Awesome baking pans

Innovative pan

Cooking has now become an art all over the world and if you are a kind of person who loves to cook or try out new things in cooking then this article is only for you. We already know that there is no any universal baking pan where we can cook almost everything. This leads to the emergence of various types of pans which can be used for some innovative cooking. If you choose a wrong baking pan, your food may not come out to be as you have wished it for. So, it is important to get a suitable pan before even finding all the ingredients that go into your dish.

Let’s look at some of the innovative awesome pans of the time:

1. Nonstick edge brownie pan

Brownie pan

This USA made brownie pan is a single-continuous chamber pan making it easier for you to easily spread batter. The pan has the dimensions so that it easily fits all the standard box mixes. Because of its dimensions there is no need for adjusting the pan to fit it inside any box mix. It has a durable nonstick coating for easy release of food.

2. Norpro 3919 mini cheesecake pan

Cheesecake pan

Mini cheesecake pans is a 12 individual cups shaped pan best to cook muffins. The measurement of the cup is 2x2x1-3/4 inches. For easy cooking, the pan has non-stick coating and its bottom is removable so that the food can be released easily. The overall pan measure 17x11x2 inches.

3. Metallic multi tier cake Pan 4 cavity

Tier cake pan

This multi tier cake pan makes a three tier cake, that too four cakes at a time. The pan is best to prepare dish for the wedding or birthday. The pans is nonstick for easy food release. The food decorated with the help of this multi tier cake pan will be appreciated by each and every guest of yours.

4. Non-stick 12- cup mini popover pan

Popover pan

So a crowd of guests is coming to your place? no problems, the aluminum made, nonstick 12-cup mini popover pan can handle them. You can cook up to 12 cups of your muffins, enough to satisfy each guest. The pan is designed in such a way that the bake doesn’t spread into other cups when the bake pops over.

5. Wilton giant cupcake pan

Cupcake pan

The giant cupcake pan is made up of aluminum having a nonstick surface and shape of an oversized cupcake, ideal for preparing a cake with some decorative design. The cupcake pan can make up to 10-cups at a time. The pan’s overall measurements are 15-1/2 x 8-1/4 x 3-3/4 inches.

6. Silicone 12 Cavity Heart Pan

Heart pan

The heart pan has 12 cavities and is made up of material which is freezer, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. It can bear heat up to 500 degrees so that your dish bakes properly. The measurement of each heart of the bake is 1-1/2 inches across x 1 inch deep.

7. 12-Count nonstick mini donut pan

Mini donut pan

This mini donut pan makes up to 12 mini donuts at a time. The pan has a nonstick coating to ensure easy food release. The pan makes donuts measuring 2 inches/5 cm each. The pan itself measures 13 inches/33cm length x 8 inches/.20cm width x .75 inches/2cm deep.

8. Tractor cake pan

Tractor pan

This cake pan bakes your cake in a tractor shape. Best pan if you like to cook sculpted cakes. Not only this, your sculpted cake will have the very minute details on it. This tractor pan is perfect to prepare breads, cakes and gelatins. It has a capacity of 9 cups.

9. Norpro nonstick cake-sicle pan

Cake-sicle pan

This nonstick coated pan makes your dish in the shape of an ice cream. The pan comes with 25 wooden sticks so you can enjoy your dish the very first day you bring the pan home. The pan overall measures 17.25 inches/44cm x 11.25 inches/28.5cm x .5 inches/1.25cm deep.

10. Wilton excelle elite 4-inch heart springform pan

Heart springform pan

Perfect pan to show your spouse how much special he/she is by cooking a heart shaped cake for them on a special occasion. This heart pan is perfect choice to prepare mini-cakes, mini cheese cakes and desserts. The sides of the pan are removable so that the food can be released easily.

11. Chicago metallic 26635 12-Cup Lift & Serve single squares pan

Squares pan

Easy and ready to serve kind of pan. Prepares 12 cups of bake for your guests. It can be used to prepare breakfast or lunch or to offer your guests a sweet treat of dessert. The bottom of each cup of the pan is removable to make it easier to release the food.

12. 12-Cup nonstick madeleine pan

Madeleine pan

The pan helps in cooking 12 shell shaped cakes so that you can really impress the guests with your art. The pan is an ideal choice to cook tea and dessert cakes for the guests and the family. The pan has nonstick coating so that the cakes can release effortlessly.

13. Tea cake pan 20 cavity

Tea cake pan

This tea cake pan cooks 20 cakes at a time. Best for a huge crowd of guests. Each cake measures up to 2 x 1.25 inch deep The pan is coated with nonstick material so that the food cakes can be released easily.

14. Backyard bugs nordic ware cake panBackyard bugs pan

Now keep your guests figuring out ‘How you managed to make this?’ Best pan to impress your guests with your art of cooking. If you have a birthday of a kid in your neighborhood, the cake cooked with this pan would be the best gift he would ever get. The pan overall measures 14-1/2 long x 11-1/2-inch wide.

15. Nordic ware pro cast stadium pan

Stadium pan

Is there a match today evening? And your friends are coming to watch the match with you? Spice up the mood by cooking using the stadium pan and match the mood of the evening. The cake cooked with this pan can match any game you wish to watch whether it is soccer, basketball, football, baseball, or hockey, this pan will do its magic.

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