With Siemens ‘executive’ toaster your bread wouldn’t get stuck

toaster1Breakfast is the time when the busiest people in the world hurry the most. They neither want to miss office, nor do they want to miss their breakfast because in today’s health conscious world it has been told much too often that a healthy breakfast is something one should never miss. So, we need that toast in the morning while we scurry around to get ready for the office and if the toast gets stuck in the toast, there could be nothing more bothersome. To solve the problem Siemens have come with a long slot ‘Executive’ toaster that allows one to push bread farther up. Therefore, with this toaster at home you could say goodbye to the times when you had to reach into the grill to retrieve the stuck piece of bread. The toaster has a single slot but it’s sufficiently broad. So long as they do not make a toaster in which the bread doesn’t get stuck, this one would do. Right? Source

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