Why choose stone kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops in modern homes are created to be the central or focal point where cooking as well as socializing takes place. While designing a kitchen, you need to pick good quality material, especially for counter tops owing to the fact that this room is the busiest in the house. Stone kitchen countertops are available in various forms. Some of the most popular ones include:


Granite countertops:

These are fabulous countertops for every part of a house especially the kitchen and bathroom. These are truly affordable and are just perfect if you have kids at home. These are hard to scratch and impossible to burn. The best part about granite countertops is that heat or any other element cannot harm this material.

Slate countertops

Slate countertops:

These are stylish and durable. However, unlike countertops made of granite that are available in innumerable shades, this comes in a lesser variety of tones with the few common being greys, greens, purples and blacks. Such countertops need very low maintenance as well as can be spruced up easily with daily scrubbing of mineral oils, which serve in enhancing the wonderful natural appearance of slate. A scratch is quite easy in eliminating. Simple scratches need in being rubbed off with the help of wet sponge while on the other hand steel wool will take care of the deeper scratches.


Marble Countertops:

This is a wonderful choice, especially for bakers as they form a great surface. Its distinctive appearance can also dramatically boost up the worth of your home, as this is regarded as a sophisticated, prestigious material. A marble countertop is made accessible in a plethora of colours ranging from vibrant blacks to delicate blushes, each uniquely created by nature.


Quartz Countertops:

Such countertops are made from natural quartz in which epoxy resin binder is added. This amalgamation provides the quartz countertop surface its characteristic durability and toughness. When it comes to colour, you will definitely be glad in knowing that variegated choices are accessible as individual pigments of different colours are mixed to the binder at the time of fabrication. As they prevent absorbing any liquid, so you need not to worry about staining.


Stone kitchen countertops are utilized by different homeowners and home kitchens and are gaining popularity owing to its good looks, durability and versatility. Today, you can select from numerous textures, patterns and hues, and materials ranging from quartz composites, marble, slate to granite countertops.

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