Westinghouse Flip TV squeezes into any bijou space

westinghouse pt16h610s 2sD6W 5965

Distraction is not what you need when you’re adding salt to the main course dish you’ll be serving the family in a few hours. But then again I really do count missing my fav daily soaps as distraction so I’m all for having separate TV sets for the kitchen, garage, and the loo, if possible. And the fact that the new Westinghouse Flip TV is super slim as well as super flexible really helps. The 16-inch PT-16H610S LCD can apparently flip and fold itself to squeeze into crammed spaces like kitchen shelves. With a 180-degree rotation on the front bezel, 1080p HDMI input and the fact that it can also double up as a digital photo frame, makes this Westinghouse marvel just the ideal small TV. The cute idiot box is also quite handy as a countertop unit, wall mounting, or even if you wanna hang it at the bottom of your cabinets. The flexible set will hit stores a fortnight from now and is expected to sell for $349.
Source: Electronic House

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