Water damage dos and don’ts

Water damage

When you think about water damage, the scenes that come to your mind are cars stuck in traffic and objects floating all-over. However, water damage is more than this, since it can lead property destruction and loss of life. Cleaning and restoration is a complex process which should be handled with care to ensure it has been done thoroughly. Water attacking your belongings and property can come from various sources including leaking pipes, clogged sink, malfunctioning appliance, a leaking roof, and the most common floods. Water damage depends on the source and the contaminants in the water. If the damage is caused by flooding water, it can lead to property destruction while contaminated water will be life-threatening.

However, despite the cause of the water damage hiring the services of restoration water damage aliso Viejo company as soon as possible is always the best move. If you live in an area that is likely to experience water damage due to natural causes, it is highly recommended that you always be prepared for anything to happen.  Water damage caused by nature is more severe than damage caused by leaking pipes or failing appliances. Natural circumstances are normally beyond our control, but there are things you can do to minimize the damage. Here are the dos and don’ts in case of water damage.


Water damageUse any safe means to stop the damage, which includes stopping flowing water from floods or a broken tap. If possible call a professional to help you replace or repair the broken parts causing the water to leak

If safe, switch off all the electric circuits. However, you should be careful when handling electrical appliances to avoid electrocuting yourself.

Use any safe means to protect your precious items such as furniture. You can remove the movable items and place them in drier places and also place wooden blocks or waterproof under immovable items. This will minimize the extent of damage and also ease with drying up the rest of the house.

Place all the wet carpets, rugs and draperies on the hanging line to ease drying them. Also, wipe the wet furniture that might have caught water.

Remove all wet sensitive materials such as books, small electronics, shoes, and even potted flowers and place them in a dry storage container.

Ensure that no items are lying on the wet floor. If the damage was caused by a failing appliance, ensure that it is never used until it is repaired.


Water damage

Handling water damage is dangerous especially if the damage is intensive. If it is not safe to the stop the damage stay away from the house until you get professional help. Here are some of the things you should avoid when you have a water damage problem.

Avoid entering a flooded room while the electricity is still on. Consider switching the electricity from the main switch panel located outside the house first. This will allow you to enter the house and salvage some perishable safely. Switching off the electricity will also help to save your appliances from getting damaged.

Avoid using any electrical appliance in a flooded house. Some individuals are usually tempted to use a vacuum to dry out the water, but this can result in an electrical shock.

Avoid cleaning up contaminated water without professional help as this will endanger your life and your loved ones too. In case you were attacked by contaminated water avoid switching on the fans and air conditioning systems as they will disperse the contaminants.

Avoid lifting tackled carpet without the help of a professional as poor lifting will damage your precious carpet.

However, although there are some things you can do to minimize water damage it is always recommended that you call for a professional help first. Professionals understand the whole water damage and will help you dry out water fast without risking your life. Professionals will also help you salvage wet products such as carpets, furniture, and draperies thus saving you on the cost of buying new items.

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