Rotating Sink with Cutting Board and Colander is a good choice for small sized kitchens

Rotating Sink with Cutting Board and Colander

Today the concept of home decor is not restricted to beautification purposes. It is also about incorporating the multi-functional benefits. The limitation of space and the need of the hour call for making the right decision while choosing anything for the house. Even in the kitchen, the days of having individual appliances or gadgets for cooking are no longer in existence. Instead, people are now opting for solutions that serve a variety of purposes at the same time.

Keeping this concept in mind, one of the latest blast from the past product that is making the rounds is the all in one sink. This sink is equipped to take care of different needs like washing the vessels, chopping and it even comes with a built in strainer, which allows you to wash your food before you use.

The different designs of the multi-functional sink

Rotating Sink with Cutting Board and Colander

This all in one sink comes in two main layouts, the first being a round shape and the second a rectangular one.  The eye-catching design is not restricted to the multi-functional benefits that it offers, instead it also includes the fact that you can take out the sections of certain parts when you are not using them.

  • The round shaped kitchen sink

If you are bored of the regular looking sinks, the round shaped one is defiantly worth considering. The classic design brings in elegance to your kitchen. With this sink, you can consider having a customized sized kitchen island without having to feel guilty of using too much of space.

  • The rectangular shaped sink

The classic rectangular look is always a space saving idea. In this option, you get a movable chopping board, a small prep bowl section and not to forget the regular sink. There are two variants with this shape. You can choose to have one faucet or two depending on the size of the sink. Based on the size of the sink that you decide to opt for, you can make the changes accordingly.

Let us check out the various functions of this sink

Rotating Sink with Cutting Board and Colander

For small sized kitchens, having enough of workspace is essential. To cater to this need, this all in one concept provides a good support for those who want to opt for it. Each compartment in this sink serves a special purpose. The best part is that it also helps to reduce the cleaning time and keeps your kitchen clean while working. It does not matter which shape you choose because the functionality of the sink remains the same.

  • Chopping boards

Depending on the style that you choose, you may get one or two chopping boards. These wooden boards are sturdy and will last you a long time.  The chopping board may come in different shapes like a triangular, square or rectangle. Some may also come with a curved edge to make it easy for you to fill your prep bowl.

  • Prep bowls that you can attach or detach

You can place the prep bowls just under the chopping board so that you avoid the mess of spilling things. When you are not using the bowls, you can remove the bowls when you are not using them and place it when you need to.

  • Stainless steel colander/ strainer

The colander or strainer is always a useful kitchen appliance. Well now, you do not have to waste money on a separate one. Your sink is also equipped with a strainer so that you can wash your veggies, meat or grains easily.

  • A small steel slip proof grill

The slip proof grill is a perfect choice and serves the multi-functional use of ensuring that your food does not fall into the sink. The kitchen sink grill also helps to protect your vessels while you are washing.

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