Top tips to maintain your open kitchen

Open kitchens are usually west open kitchens that have walls with windows in them, so that the person cooking can communicate across with those at the dining table or island. The possibility of having a west open kitchen is determined by the architecture of the house but is frequently being seen across many homes. As opposed to closed kitchen there is no wall or division that obstructs the view of the diners and the home owner.


Open kitchens have some great points and some not so great ones, the first reason why people choose closed kitchens is because they do not want guests to see how they prepare food and the cooks can also be at ease when they are cooking. Safety is another reason, is a fire broke out in the kitchen; it can spread across into the other rooms as there is a lack of restrain.


Closed kitchens offer the necessities and comfort of cooking with ease; they have concrete walls and also a ventilation system. They are also commonly used in public eating facilities. Closed kitchens get too hot and you will have to install a ventilation system and it is also not recommended to use an air conditioner. Open kitchens do not require any form of ventilation system.


You can easily access utensils in open kitchens so there is no real need to install over head cabinets that will reduce the cooking or food preparation spaces. The whole kitchen can be easily seen, so if there was a fire, it would be noticed right away. In a closed kitchen fires would not be made aware of, especially if the kitchen was left unattended.


In an open kitchen, the prepared meals reach the table faster than in a closed kitchen. The heat factor is especially important as open kitchen do not heat up too fast. In a closed kitchen the heat of the kitchen can be made worse with that of the climate.

Closed kitchen often have limited space, but in an open kitchen, you can choose how many appliances, cabinets and counter tops you can add. You can expand the size of the entire kitchen or reduce it according to the space requirements of your apartments.

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