top 5 wine glass designs this season

Wine glasses have always lured us with magnificent designs. Every season, you can find out some new and innovative designs made with special materials. The Riedel Viognier or the chardonnay wine glass is rated very high by the wine lovers. It comes with an elegant design and is made with high quality glass. The bowl section in this wine glass is specially crafted to get the best quality of wine attributes. Wine lovers prefer drinking light and dry wine in this glass as it holds on to the natural taste of the wine. It creates a perfect amalgamation of conventional design and high end attributes. If you are having a personal dinner or throwing a lavish party, these glasses make a perfect match for every occasion.


Champagne flutes are another famous wine glass design as it is preferred all over the world by wine lovers. The tall body design and eccentric bowl makes it a perfect wine glass. Just like the other high quality wine glass, this one also holds the natural persona of the wine. These glasses provide a high end experience since they can also be used decorative pieces. Most of these glasses are crafted with bare hands to ensure that it does not have any design flaws. The elegantly pulled out stem design creates a striking effect on the bottom of the glass. It contains high percentage of lead crystal that is responsible for the external effect.

Sparkling wineglass is another fine example of superior design structure. It contains a perfect assortment of crystal glasses which gives an eccentric look. These types of glasses are specially developed by perfect wine tasters in order to endure that you enjoy every sip of wine. This wineglass has different design as compared to the conventional wine glasses. High end sophistication brings out the real beauty of this master piece.

Port glass is another conventional wine glass design but it is preferred by a large number of wine experts all over the world. It is made with high quality lead crystal to ensure that you enjoy your wine in a perfect manner. It is a perfect wine glass if you are having a vintage port in your house. The bowl is small as compared to the other glasses.

The fifth and the last design come with a mesmerizing effect at once. Cognac wine glass has a bulging in the middle which gives it a perfect design. This is why it is preferred as a perfect wine drinking glass.

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