Tips to repair cracks in kitchen plastic cabinets

Tips to repair cracks in kitchen plastic cabinets

Repair the cracks DIY

Fix the cracks in your old kitchen plastic cabinets and remodel them…..

Plastic cabinets have been in use since ages and it adds that old-fashioned look to your kitchen. The only challenge here is that, over a period of time, these plastic cabinets become very fragile and starts cracking. And this is when your woes start off. But if the drawer front part looks good and is still in good condition, then the inner plastic boxes can be replaced You can repair the plastic cabinets in your kitchen, repaint and remodel them to give a new look.

It can be done easily by a few Do-it-Yourself tips. So, those of you willing to spend the money can repair them easily with the help of a professional. Follow the steps in this article and enhance the duration and life of your plastic kitchen cabinets.

Resources required




Plastic filler of different colors


Identify the cracks:


Identify the places where the cabinet has developed cracks. Measure the size of the cracks and check whether they can be repaired by filling in the plastic filler and repair them. Smaller cracks can be repaired by you.

If the cracks appear too bad, then taking the help of a professional would be a good idea. They would weld the cracks and this process would give a much better results.

Filling the gaps using the plastic filler:

use a plastic filler

Trim the edges if they are curled and make it a flat surface. Take out only a little amount of plastic which is necessary. Use the plastic filler and press it into the cracks on the plastic cabinets. Use a small stick or a sharp knife to push the filler inside and mold it. Slowly take the filler out from the crack.

Let it dry well:

Leave the filler on the cabinets to dry completely, and then level the area using a fine sand paper until it is leveled and flat on the surface. When this is done, use a damp cloth to take off all the dust.

Coat the cabinet with a primer:

Clean the plastic cabinets and remove all the dust and grime stuck on it. Coat it with a primer. Use a primer which ensures that the plastic filler is safe. The primer should be left to dry nicely before painting them.

Paint your cabinets in colors you like:

Finally put a thin coat of paint, using a brush, or a roller paint brush. Leave the first coating on to dry and once this is done add a second coat on it. If required you may go in for a third coat so that the surface of the plastic cabinets are totally protected and makes the cracks totally undetectable.

Tips for you:

1. Keep examining the metal drawer slides for damage or excessive wear and tear. Replace them if it is in a bad condition.

2. Install dividers to organize your new drawers.

3. Consider using wood instead of plastic replacement drawer boxes.

4. Replace the content in the drawers adds life of the drawers.

5. Line your drawers with soft nonslip liners for further protection.

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