Tips for Having Your Own Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden


Given the fact that there is so much adulteration in food around us, many people prefer growing their own herbs and spices. For homes which have a lawn, backyard, or a garden, the process of growing their own food becomes easier and simpler.  But for homes which don’t have such facilities, the only way out is to have an indoor kitchen herb garden.

But you need to do proper research on various aspects of gardening if you plan on having one indoors. Given below are a few practical tips that are bound to come in handy when you ever set out on creating a herb garden indoors.

3-Tier Stackable Garden:


This is a single jar meant for vegetation that has ‘tiers’ or compartments of varying sizes to accommodate more than one plant. This stackable garden comes in quite handy when space is an issue and can be moved from one place to another quite conveniently without creating a mess. You can place this mini-garden as a wall hanging, or on a table close to your window sill in the kitchen and watch your herb plants grow.

Hanging jars and pots:

This type of garden is pretty much in trend these days since they also double up as decoration. For this, you can use jars, flower pots, or even glass bottles to make up your hanging garden. Place your plants inside them and hang them up in style. Create a pattern or lights to add to the look of your wall hangings. Blend in different types of bottles with different colors to spice up your kitchen interior.

Wall Rack:

A rack of compartments meant solely for gardening is a good way to utilize the available space in the best way possible. Having a wall rack makes it easy to water and fertilize all plants together in one place. Also, the look of a wall rack full of fragrant herb plants takes the overall look of your home several notches higher than you’d expect it to. You can even place flower pots on top of this rack to make maximum use of the space.

Stack of drawers:

As the name suggests, this planting alternative is made available by creating a stack of drawers, like in a desk, one on top of the other. However, these drawers are not shut closed. Instead, they are left out open to expose the plants to air and light.

Important tips for having your own indoor kitchen herb garden:

Choose a sunny place:


True that your indoor kitchen herb garden will be placed indoors, but don’t let that deprive your plants of sunlight. Keep them near the window or door or any sunny location that is quite open and breezy for optimum growth of your herb plants.

Over-caring or under-caring:

It is nothing but understood that you may want to water your plant frequently. But doing so in excess may prove hazardous for its growth. Planters ideas point towards maintaining a schedule for watering and fertilizing your herbs to help you remember better. This will ensure that you don’t end up neglecting or over-caring for your plants.


There are certain aspects to be taken care of while harvesting your plant. Harvest only up to 1/3 of its original length and wait for it to grow back before you harvest it again. Also, cut off all flowers and buds to ensure that your herbs carry the flavor of optimal quality.

Choice of herbs:


The one and only secret to avail maximum returns from having an indoor kitchen herb garden is to plant those herbs that are used frequently on a daily basis. Parsley, basil, and rosemary are a few of the many options you can consider to yield the best possible returns from this venture. 


The tips and hacks given above are not all when it comes to having an indoor kitchen herb garden. There is plenty more to this activity that you will find out when you actually set out to do it. The simplest way is to approach people who have already done it and seek their advice. Nothing beats planters ideas and the word of a first-handed experience, and you will be ever grateful for it. Make sure you follow all tips carefully so that you end up having the best indoor kitchen herb garden ever.

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