Learn how to cut the glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tile is a beautiful piece of art if used in a correct way. It has an ability to make any dingy corner look unique and adorable. You can lay this pattern both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preferences. These come on sheet, and have prearranged patterns. Hence, it becomes easy to lay them wherever you want. Find out how to cut glass mosaic tiles to make them look better and attain the corner that you always wished to.

Materials and tools required

1. Glass mosaic tiles

2. Tile cutters (wheeled)

3. Tile scoring device and metal ruler

4. Tape

5. Wet saw

6. Plastic cutting board

7. Safety equipment which includes goggles and gloves

8. Scissors


Step 1: Prepare the area

To avoid messing up the situation, it is always better to start with a pre plan and choose the area where you will be working. Start with laying down the plastic cutting board over the area in which you will be cutting the tile. If you already have a cutting table lying useless in your garage, then you can bring it to work. You also need to keep a container nearby so that you can dispose of the waist easily. Make sure that you clear the surroundings before you begin your work.

Step two: Tape down the tile backing

Place the backing tiles on the cutting board and tape it with the surface where you will be working. This will help you to keep the tiles in place while cutting them. Taping the tiles with the surface will also ensure that you get a smooth and even cut that you require.

Step three: Score the first cut

Use the metal ruler to determine from where you will like to cut the tiles. Once you have determined area of your first cut, take the scoring device and etch your first cut onto the surface of the tile. For the smooth and even cut, move the scorer in a straight and even motion. You can also make multiple smaller cuts if the pattern does not allow for a straight cut. Make these cuts at different angles across the length of the tile.

Step Four: Break the tile at the cut

When you are done with scoring the cut into the tile, you can now break the backing of the tiles so that the tile can fit into proper dimensions. For thinner tiles, you can break them by hands. All you need to do is to grip both the halves in your hands and break the tile backing into small pieces. You can also use the wheeled tile cutters to trim the tiles for a smoother finish. It is always better to practice with some scrap tiles before you start working on the actual project. Separate the pieces from rest of the tiles and fit the mosaic mat into the space that you have cut for it.

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