Give your kitchen cabinet a makeover with these DIY paint tips

Kitchen Cabinets In Dark Colors

Kitchen cabinets are the small storage areas in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets in your kitchen is of at most importance to you.They should be kept clean and tidy or your cabinets will be invaded by harmful pests. Every year your kitchen cabinets require a make over. And cleaning every month will ensure your kitchen and your kitchen cabinets free of pests and diseases. Read on to know a few tips to give a new look to your kitchen cabinet.

Remove your kitchen cabinet doors

  1. Kitchen cabinet doors should be removed to ensure the safety of your kitchen and for for a professional purpose.
  2. Take your kitchen cabinet doors to your garage.
  3. Free circulation of air is needed to ward of the odor and also to dry the paint you are applying on the doors of the kitchen cabinet.

Clean the cabinets

  1. Clean the kitchen cabinets and let your space open for the free circulation of air.
  2. Ventilate your kitchen properly. If your kitchen have doors, open the doors to avoid the strong odor later.
  3. Paint the inside of your cabinets using a white paint with oil base as it is washable and durable.

Sand the cabinets

  1. A grit sandpaper of 150 or finer is required for smoothening the wood grain of your kitchen cabinet.
  2. By smoothening the wood grain, the paint can be easily absorbed to the wood of your kitchen cabinet door.

Painting and measurements

  1. A primer is very much essential for the longevity of the paint in your cabinet. If your paint is oil based, an oil based primer is recommended.
  2. If you are using latex paint, to go with the paint you will require a shellac based primer. The quality of shellac primer is that it can dry quickly on your kitchen cabinet.
  3. Pneumatic sprayer available in the market is the best way to a smooth and a glazed look for your kitchen cabinet.
  4. If you cannot get pneumatic sprayer, a high quality brush of 21/2″ to 3 1/2 ” would be a enough to paint your kitchen cabinet.

Coats to a finish

  1. After the primer dries, you have to apply the first coat of and allow the paint o dry completely.
  2. For a better finish a 400 grit sandpaper is used to sand your flat kitchen cabinet surface again.
  3. Along with a better finish, you attains a surface smoother for the next coat to adhere to.
  4. However, a third coat is also possible for a professional finish for your kitchen cabinets.

For that priceless look

  1. If you want your kitchen to look antique, use raw amber, burnt sienna or even black.
  2. You can mix color and glaze to achieve a rustic look to your kitchen cabinets.
  3. Once the doors are dry hang them back on the kitchen cabinets and buy new hinges and door knobs to increase the utility of your kitchen.
  4. Once you finish all these steps, your kitchen is sure to have a brand new charisma.

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