The best of kitchen trends for 2019

best of kitchen trends for 2019

One of the very important aspects in the decoration of your house is how you decorate the kitchen area. While many make the mistake of ignoring the importance of a beautiful kitchen, we hope you will not make the same mistake. For this reason in this article we will tell you all about the kitchen trends for 2019. These very attractive upcoming kitchen trends will make your house the envy for many others.

The list of kitchen trends for 2019

  1. The black kitchen makes a return:
    The black kitchen makes a return
    Previously it was about having a white view of the kitchen area but the recent trends actually show a return of the black color. In fact as has been pointed out by some experts, things like black steel reflects light such that things appear exotic in nature. So among the many kitchen trends for 2019, the color black is making the kitchens very attractive and giving it a modern and sleek look. To add to the benefits of having a black kitchen, black hides the small scars and marks. It thus becomes easier for the owner to maintain and all these reasons make it stand out among the upcoming kitchen trends.
  2. The trend of anti-kitchens: Among the most unique kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2019 is the phenomenon of making a kitchen not look like one. Designers have taken this to perfection with a set of ideas which make it seem like the kitchen is more of a drawing room. The cupboards in the kitchen are carved out with such finesse that it is easy to forget that it is meant for the kitchen. The sleek appliances too do not emit the kitchen vibe. All this is clearly working because it is indeed popular among the kitchen trends for 2019.
  3. The custom designed kitchens:
    Boffi  custom designed kitchen
    Companies like Boffi and Alpes Inox are using this to a good effect. The popularity of such multi functional kitchen areas is understandable. The housing space is an issue bothering most people and they want the maximum out of their minimalistic living space. In such circumstances, this customized kitchen with a lot of flexibility is surely one of the kitchen renovation ideas and inspirations you can use.
  4. The trend of wellbeing catching up in kitchens as well: The world has definitely become more conscious and people are concerned about their wellbeing. We see a reflection of these in the kitchen trends for 2019 as well. Poliform has come up with an Infinity Modular System where artificially they are producing herbs from photo LED lights.People are also showing concern about the quality of air they are breathing in the kitchens. This made companies like Miele and Siemens come up with products like the extractor hoods enabling cooks in kitchen to breathe better. Even the menace of food wastage has been addressed with certain food storage innovations which were previously not used domestically. For instance Electrolux has launched a blast cooler which helps in cooling down of the recently cooked hot food.
  5. The change in kitchen setups:
    The change in kitchen setup
    Previously an industrial setup like concrete in the kitchens was looked down upon. That surely has undergone a change in 2019 with a lot of usage of such industrial textures in the kitchen. The popularity of the brass taps too are on the rise as they add to the beauty of the kitchen area. Even when it comes to smaller appliances or sockets in the kitchen there is a tendency to provide them with a brass finish. Somehow this metal goes really well with kitchens and is abundantly used. The kitchen floor too has been paid a lot of attention and there have been noticeable changes in their texture and colors. For instance, Dovetail has come up with an unique geometric pattern and is available in many color varieties as well.

Final words

These are some of the best kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2019 and try to incorporate them in your kitchen. These will make your kitchen stand out among the others and we hope you will make good use of the kitchen renovation ideas and inspirations you can use.

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