8 – Simple ways to clear clogged drains


The drainage system of your house is a delicate thread that rests on the kind of maintenance you put in. We are often faced with issues such as a clogged drain which results in waterlogged bathrooms or sinks. It is indeed an unpleasant affair with all the water and odour and it needs your prompt attention before the problem escalates to something even worse. So in this article we bring to you some tips to clear clogged drains. This plumbing guide would be of great help when you face such problems in the future.

Some tips to clear clogged drains

  1. The Hanger bent correctly:
    This is fairly easy and you can try this as an effective method to unclog your drains. Firstly you have to straighten it up to the best of your abilities. Remember while doing so that you are trying to get the gunk out of the drain and you must ensure you do not push it in further. So one end can be twisted to form a nice hook and it can be used to fish for all the things that have been clogging your drain. Once you are done let warm water run through it to clear up any residue.

  2. Baking soda with vinegar: This is one of the most effective mixtures when it comes to clearing clogged drains. For this you will have to mix one third cup of baking soda and the same amount of vinegar. It should then immediately be poured down the drain while it is still fizzing as this helps to remove all the junk from the clogged drains. Give it some time to sit there and you can even keep it overnight. Afterwards just flush with hot water for the completion to this plumbing guide.

  3. Boiling water:
    If you are a fan of simplicity then this trick to clear clogged drains is the one you should go for. All you need for this is boiling water. Boil a large quantity of water and then in two or three stages pour it in the clogged drain. Give it some time between the pours. This will be effective enough to remove almost all of the junk that had resulted in the clogging in the first place.

  4. Use caustic soda with caution: If this is the method you pick then make sure that you also use eye protective gear and rubber gloves while you clear clogged drains. Be careful of the chemical burns that might be caused and so carefully add three cups caustic soda to a bucket of about three fourth gallon of cold water. Use a wooden spoon to stir it properly. Once you see the mixture beginning to heat up and fizz you just need to pour it in the clogged drains. Let it stay for around half an hour before you use boiling water to flush the clogged drain. While this is a complex method, it is extremely handy when faced with a terrible clogging issue.

  5. Mixture of baking soda and salt:
    To unclog drains there are few mixtures that are as effective as this one. So take about half a cup of baking soda and mix with it half a cup of table salt. Wait for about twenty minutes after this mixture has been poured into the drain and then go on to pour some boiling water. The chemical reaction that would be produced should be strong enough the worst of gunk and you will be able to enjoy an unclogged drain.

  6. Use dish detergent: The greasy residue of the clogged drains are nicely lubricated and easy to remove on the application of dish detergents with boiling water. So clear  clogged drains with this easy and simple trick and you would be amazed at the results.

  7. The Drain snake:
    This is simply a long and flexible metal rope and it has a metal spiral towards the end. This equipment is a handy tool to clear clogged drains and can surely be tried out when in need.

Final words

To unclog drains that have been clogged for long is tricky business and needs a lot of attentive work. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to deal with the problem very easilyand your bathrooms and sinks will be functional as before.

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