Tea cozy: Reviving designs and blending it with creativity

teacozy The adjacent figure of a doll is not something to play with, it is as functional as a Tea Cozy. This 16-inch doll is carved out of a single wood and is painted wood. The doll with a flared gown sits over a wooden frame and fits right over a tea pot; the doll mold serves as a tea cozy, candy container,covering for steaming bowl of soups or for covering any other single dish.

These Tea Cozies date back to 19th century, when tea was boiled in a kettle and then served in a China teapot and covered with cozies. The cozies were made out of padded cloth and were stitched into creative forms, but cozies made today are usually a semi-circular dome shaped covering.

However, this doll is different from all other cozies that were made in previous days. This cozy, made out of wood, would be effective to keep the tea warm for a longer period. This innovative tea cozy was sold for $258 at a Jackson’s Auction in Cedar Falls, Iowa. As the cozy maker’s name stays as a secret, this collectible is going top create a craze at the King Features Syndicate. Apart from anything else this tea cozy made out wood is going to set a trend for the cozy makers.

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