Integrated Kitchen: Kitchen components encapsulated in a single unit

integrated kitchenThe Integrated Kitchen developed by Charlwood Design, is the best kitchen that women could ever think of. The design is very comprehensive, easy to understand and you have to do very little to handle it…you can access what is cooking in, by going online from any area. You just have to place your order for the day, and the in-built browser is designed to converse with the oven, refrigerator and pantry, to cook your meals and reports you of the food stocks as a team. Therefore, it is called as an Integrated Kitchen.

This kitchen has the following features:

Dimensions – Cylindrical structure with the dimensions, 1.8m wide x 0.8m deep x 2.1m high.

Design – The design is based on 3d CAD model. Lower center has oven and a dishwasher that accommodates crockery and utensils, this unit is flapped by a pantry and refrigeration unit. The food bank in this unit accommodates cooking through the back and forth movements of the ingredients, in the central cavity.

Working – It works on digital technology and robotics.

Functional – It saves space in your kitchen and every module of the unit has a distinct function.

This time saving Integrated Kitchen not only fulfills your ultimate kitchen fantasy, but also gives you mental satisfaction and peace, when you are out. If you are thinking of getting freedom from kitchen forever, I bet you get it here. But when you are back home, you would always want to use this kitchen wonder, won’t you.

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