Presto 6-quart aluminum pressure cooker…#1 by the American Culinary Institute

pressure cooketrPresto 6-quart aluminum pressure cooker was rated first by the American Culinary Institute. This cooker is made up of durable polished aluminium.

This facilitates uniform heating of food, stability and easy cleaning. It can hold upto 6 quarts of liquid and is 17 inches long and 9 inches wide and it weighs 6lbs. The lid of the cooker indicates the amount of pressure inside the cooker. There is a complete users manual and a free recipe book with this cooker.

Do you still have areason to wait and think to buy it or not? Well, this cooker can cook food even when there are unexpected guests,and you can be sure that you can serve them food at a jiffy. This cooker is very reasonable at $26.49. So you can right away add it to your shopping cart or for more information check the Pressure Cooker Comparison Chart.

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