How to stay safe in kitchen

Kitchen Safety

Working in the kitchen can be fun but bear in mind a few precautions when you are cooking. With flames, sharp knives, heaps of utensils stacked away on shelves and cabinets – kitchens are a common place for accidents and mishaps. Even a small mistake can lead to a lifetime of great. No to mention, that most of us carry around small kitchen injures every day. These can cause quite some discomfort. So, try to keep away from potential hazards in your kitchen with these handy tips.

1. Don’t be in a rush

Kitchen is not the place where you can dash around and scurry. Slow and steady is the way to be. Lifting heavy pots in a hurry can cause them to smash on the floor; there will be more harm if they are hot. You can bump into objects or crash a stack of plates on yourself. Do not cut away in a hurry with the knife, keep your eye on the knife and go slow. Never grab falling objects, especially sharp knives.

2. Gear up

While you are working amidst hot flames and sharp knives, it is better to be safe than sorry. Put on mittens or hot pads when lifting vessels off the flame and these should always be worn while working with a microwave. Wear closed shoes; in case a knife falls on your feet they will shield your toes and feet. Avoid wearing long, loose and flowy clothes that can easily catch fire. For the same reason, avoid synthetics and don cotton garments instead. Overalls or aprons are a wise choice.

3. While cooking

Stick to certain ground rules while cooking food. Keep your face and hand away from the hot cookware, especially while you are stirring. Cut carefully with your knife and try to wear cut resistant gloves. Stay away from distractions while you are working, television and music is not recommended. Also, do not allow pets and kids to wander into the kitchen. Inform them about kitchen safety and instruct them to stay away from sharp objects and flames.

4. Second degree burns

One of the most common injuries in the kitchen is second degree burns. Bubbles, oil splatters and steam can cause blisters and burns on your hands, face and body. Treat them with cold dough, ice compresses, ointments or cold water. Steam jetting out of microwaves is also scorching hot; don’t hold your face very close to it.

5. Maintain order

A neat and orderly kitchen minimizes accidents. Appliances should be kept unplugged, dry, and away from the sink or washing area. Check if they have any frayed cords or need fixing up. The sink should be tidy and used utensils should be stacked neatly here. Sharpen your knives as dull knives slip from food surfaces easily injuring your hands. Clean oil or watery spills immediately to avoid skidding on the floor. Keep emergency numbers, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers handy.

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