Smart ways to put kitchen corners to use

If lately, you have started finding your kitchen a little cramped up, it is time you consider the corner spaces available. There is no doubt that putting corner spaces to use is a tricky affair, but with a few inspirations, the problem can be dealt with effectively. Here are some smart ways and inspirations that you can rely on to make the most of the corners in your kitchen.

Place a sink in the corner

Place a sink in the corner

In small-sized kitchens, space is a big matter of concern. To ease the situation, you can place sink in one of the corners. This will not only help you utilize a corner space but will enable you to free up some counter space as well. If space allows, you could always add a second sink on the island.

Create an eat-in kitchen corner

A makeshift breakfast space or a small eating nook in one of the corners in the kitchen is a smart way to utilize a corner space in the kitchen. You simply require adding a small kitchen table and compact chairs to the corner. To maximize seating potential of the corner and to enhance its aesthetic appeal, you can bring in a banquette booth to your kitchen.

A beautiful fireplace

The fireplace has the potential of adding charm to just about any room, a kitchen as well. Therefore, if you are trying to put a corner space in your big kitchen to use, you can try adding a fireplace to it. This idea wouldn’t be applicable to small kitchens though, for they might not have enough space to spare. However, for the traditional large sized kitchens, this dreamy addition can work wonders.

Floating shelves

Corner areas in the kitchen serve as ideal spaces for floating shelves. Installed in small kitchens, they create an illusion of a big space and help enhance its beauty. Open shelves are simple in design, look elegant, and serve as good storage space without blocking the limited space. In addition to this, they are easy to install and remove. The only disadvantage of open shelves is dust, and you require preventing the items placed on the shelves from it. Make sure you give all the open shelves a good dusting once a week and try to place items on the shelf that you use and wash almost every day.

Corner storage

You can transform an empty corner kitchen space into an extremely useful storage space. Add a storage unit that you think goes well with space and fulfills your requirement. For modular kitchens, pullout drawers are perfect, as they remain hidden when not in use.

A corner to relax

Make your modern kitchen much more than just a place to cook meals by adding a comfortable seating in the corner. Install a corner bench and use it to relax in between cooking meals. Choose a corner with a window if possible, so that you could enjoy the beautiful sights outside while sitting in your kitchen.

Corner pantry

If you are unable to think of an appropriate way to put that long corner in your kitchen to use, we have a suggestion for you. Transform that corner into an exclusive pantry. To make it an appealing addition, you can make it colorful and pretty. You can have your corner pantry both open and closed as per your requirement.

Hobby center

If baking, experimenting with cocktails and other kitchen hobbies you have, you can use a corner space in your kitchen as a hobby center. Away from your regular kitchen chores, you can indulge in your hobbies in the corner.


Corner spaces in kitchens often go waste, as some people fail to put those spaces to smart use. However, with the help of ample ideas and inspirations, you can transform unused kitchen corners into useful spaces.

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