Right appliances for your kitchen- what you need to know!

Choosing appliances for your kitchen is a tough take and you need to adopt a cautious approach while looking for the appliances. The market is full of choices and you need to choose with care considering your needs and your budget.


An imperative for every household, refrigerator comes in various shapes and colors. A larger capacity refrigerator must be on your priority list, in case you live in a joint family. For a small family, a standard refrigerator will do.


Another essential for the family is stove. The market is full of choices and a range of energy saving models are available in the market. These come in various forms including electric, gas and induction mode. Induction stoves are getting popular as they cook fast and save a lot of electricity. Take your pick from one among the lot.


A pile of unwashed utensils is a big irritant for any one working in the kitchen. Thankfully a range of dishwashers are available to make your life easier a bit. A high end model can be considered in case of an open floor plan kitchen. These have energy efficiency qualities and make minimal noise. Dishwashers help you save unnecessary loss of water and promise to make your life easier to manage.

Ventilation system:

This component is usually ignored but with increasing number of families particularly in cities living in high rise buildings, having a ventilation system becomes all the more essential. You can choose from amongst down draft system and range hood overhead.

The market is full of choices and various models in distinct price categories are available. You can choose one as per your requirement considering the size of your cook-top or stove.

Choose with vision and care considering the future needs of your family in mind. After all, your health and hygiene depends upon what you eat and your kitchen plays an important part in that.

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