Protect your plastic-coated melamine cabinets through paint or just some repair

Many of you may be having plastic melamine coating on your kitchen cabinets. There are times when this coating starts to peel off and the cabinet surfaces look ugly with loose coating. In such cases, you do not need to replace your cabinets or get them polished again. In fact, there are simple paint and repair techniques through which you can give a fresh look and shine to your rough cabinets. Check out some instant tricks to protect the coating.

Reattach the coating

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Sometimes, you notice that the plastic melamine coating only becomes loose in a few areas on your kitchen cabinet. It is super easy to fix this condition by reattaching the coating. You can get an instant adhesive and apply it on the inside of the coating that is coming off. Wear a glove while doing so. After applying the adhesive, just press the peel at its place to reattach strongly.

Spray-paint the cabinet

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In case a large portion of your cabinet is displaying peeled coating, then it is better to use a spray paint on it. To do this, you can start by removing the coating that has gone loose. After this, sand the surface so it is balanced. It is important to have a smooth transition from areas with coating to those with plain wood. It is also required so the gloss goes dull.Now, vacuum-clean any dust and wipe the surfaces of your cabinet with a damp rug.

You are now ready to apply the bonding primer to it. It is more useful if you get spray primer and apply a double coat of it on thedistorted surfaces. Spray primer will maintain the smooth finish a kitchen cabinet usually has. Afterward, you can take spray paint and apply a double coat of it too. Make sure you do all this work with a respirator on and at a well-ventilated place.Cover all such surfacesthat may not need painting.

Reface the cabinet with a darker shade

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At times, you feel that your cabinets do not match well with the kitchen surroundings and show some loose coating too. While you may go for painting its surfaces, it is always better to reface them using a darker paint color. Choose one that goes well with other things in the kitchen. Paint it the same way. However, you may need to do at least three to four coats while using a darker shade. If spray paint does not work in certain areas, then you may also use a roller to paint your cabinet surface.

As melamine-coated cabinets show some wear and tear with time, it is cost-effective to repair their loose coating by gluing it or to reface the surfaces with two-three coats of primer and paint. It can refresh the looks of your cabinetsand kitchen too.

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