Outdated kitchen designs

In case you are looking for a kitchen renovation or overhaul, there are some ideas that are so outdated and tasteless or have lost their practicality that you HAVE TO keep them in mind and not repeat them.


Outdated kitchen designs

  • Popcorn Ceilings – Popcorn ceilings look like they have been made of minced cottage cheese. There are also ones which are made of glitter which are an absolute no -no. Other than cottage cheese, these ceilings look like they have gathered some sort of fungus on them. If you have such a ceiling, time for an overhaul.
  • Granite countertops – Granite countertops were in vogue in the 80s. There is too much effort to make in case you have a granite countertop. You cannot place hot utensils right out of the oven on them and requires a sealant occasionally to repair its natural fissures. A granite countertop in a kitchen looks outdated. Go for modern countertops made of organic materials like recycled glass or bamboo. They are eco-friendly and do not require constant care and attention and are very stylish.
  • Cheap leather chairs and stools – Why go for leather in the kitchen at all? Use organic furniture made of bamboo or timber in modern designs instead of leather chairs and stools. Huge leather chairs that were prevalent earlier are so passé . They have no place in a modern kitchen. Not only do they take up a lot of space, they also take out the homely feeling that you should definitely have in your kitchen.
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – These lights are ugly and do not even light up the place. If you have to be green, go for natural lighting with high windows and glass roofs instead of bulbs . For nighttime use a halogen bulb instead of CFLs .
  • Stainless Steel Overdose – Stainless steel is durable and sanitary. However going all they in can be a killer. Kitchens should be warm and homely and stainless steel takes that away. Stainless steel might work at a restaurant kitchen but not at your homes, please. Go for colors or if you are not really into color, go for white appliances and décor or warm earthy hues like honey and cocoa.
  • Over-decorating – When you set your mind to redecorating, there are chances that you just might go overboard with things. Adding too much texture will take away the beauty of everything else and just leave you with too much of visuals which you can do without, especially in the kitchen.

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