One Knife does it all!

basic knives
Have you heard of this Tag line by a famous company which serves all ur needs in the US called “One call does it all”?? However its not a “call” which is going to serve all your needs, but a multipurpose “Knife”. Can you imagine your kitchen table with no heavy electrical appliances like the food processor or blenders?? Sounds quiet “spacious” right?? Well basic knives will surely serve this purpose by saving all the valuable space to be converted into your precious spacious workstation.
basic knives1

Credit goes to designer Caroline Noordijk whose innovation is working wonders in all the famous kitchen’s. These knives have been designed to meet all the cutting needs by having different blades with the required sharpness to make it a multipurpose knife. These set of knives makes other kitchen tools unnecessary by assimilating different (cutting)-actions within the un-used surfaces of the blades.
So Happy Cutting!

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