New sanitizer for Chemical Free, Clean Food


There is some really good news for kitchen moms (and of course anyone else who has a passion for the kitchen) who really does not trust the tap water for cleaning and washing food items- especially stuff like fruit and salad which are usually eaten raw. Well, help is at hand with the new kitchen gadget called ‘The Chemical Free Food Sanitizer’.

This gizmo cleans and disinfects fruits, vegetables and meats by spinning it with water and O3 (ozone) without using any chemicals or bleaching agents in about 4 minutes. Just pop in the food, whiz zit and viola – clean, safe and healthy food ready to be eaten!

Apart from killing harmful bacteria which can cause innumerable food-borne diseases, it also eliminates stale and moldy odors from kitchen closets and refrigerator with the help of a spray bottle leaving them fresh and pleasant smelling. The gadget comes with a couple of additional attachments which help you to clean and disinfect kitchen utensils, slabs and anything else with ozone-treated water.

The Sanitizer especially comes in handy when you have small children, infants or elders in the family who are more prone to allergies and diseases in which case, the device offers a sense of reassurance. Since the instrument is button operated and requires only regular tap water to be poured in, even the less techno-savvy people can use it with ease. With an LCD screen for instructions, alerts and audible warnings, one cant’ possibly go wrong with it.

Since it’s not a very huge device, it would easily fit into any quaint corner in the kitchen when not in use. What’s more, it has even won the Time Magazine Award for ‘Best Invention’ which takes care of all our doubts about purchasing it. This kitchen addition is actually a steal at $150.


Source: Hammacher

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