Kitchen themes based on Hollywood movies

Designing your kitchen in old Hollywood style

It may appear counter intuitive to base a room rework on a mode from nearly a hundred years agone, however a Twenties conventionalized room will add a fast dose of charm and elegance to your home all the whereas remaining stocked trendy conveniences and appliances.


The designs

The Twenties square measure usually remembered as a time of parties, missy dresses and maybe some light disbursement. This post WWI era embraced the young Hollywood influences, art deco, modernism and travel. Here square measure some completely different ideas to assist those trying to rework their room with a Twenties motif.

Color Scheme: White, black, yellow and highlights of red were while not question the foremost normally used colors in Twenties interior decorating for the room. White and black covered floors square measure stylish however keep the fun feel of a chrome diner whereas bright yellow trim or accent walls build the complete space feel sunny. Accessorizing with red accents like a red clock or hanging could be a good way to incorporate a twenties vogue into a room.

The benefits of simple white and black look embody that these colors square measure easy to match with personal accessories, it is simple to seek out appliances and cabinets in acceptable matching colors and black and white square measure astonishingly simple to stay clean trying.


Appliances: Appliances within the twenties were still terribly basic however have a number of the foremost-distinguished options embody rounded edges, straightforward spherical black knobs and enormous pull instead of the dainty skinny ones wide obtainable nowadays.

Lighting : Lighting within the Twenties was fairly basic considering it had solely been around for some decades, however with today’s intensive choice of lighting there square measure several choices for contemporary lighting which will slot in absolutely with the Twenties look. Hanging pendants over the island can add a pleasant put concentration to the room – white or yellow pendants square measure extremely prompt. Underneath cupboard lighting is usually prompt, not because of it absolutely was normally utilized in roaring twenties, however because of it’s the right thanks to highlight the gorgeous décor job within the room. For close lightweight, recessed ceiling lights square measure the foremost common and effective for even lighting. Fun thanks to bring the Twenties into a lighting theme are by adding a lamp that options a woman holding up the sunshine that was standard.

Counter tiptop: Tile flooring was normally found in twenties kitchens, however flat laminate counters were common. The most effective choice for today’s room is to stay the flat, no grout look with trendy laminates, granite or marble. Granite and marble, though pricy, square measure extremely counseled for his or her strength, sturdiness and natural beauty. White or black counters can slot in superbly.

Something more

Fixtures: A chrome steel sink and tap mounted higher than the sink with a protracted neck are going to be the foremost acceptable in a very twenties room setting. Naturally sprayers, kitchen appliance and instant predicament taps were not used back them, however extremely counseled as a part of a room rework nowadays.

Seating: Bar stools or straightforward chairs with chrome steel support options and yellow or white cushions square measure, the prompt decisions for setting around satiny low table or as further seating at the island or bar.

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