Kitchen gadgets designed to make your life easy

Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.

– Craig Claiborne

Cooking can be fun and an enjoyable task when you have help. There are specialized tools to make every task easy and here are a few gadgets which will make cooking a child’s play.

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Enrique Quintero Design Pocket Bar and Grill for iPod

You can now use your iPod to organize your favorite food and drink recipes. Pocket Bar & Grill combines Podtender and PodGourmet into Pocket Bar & Grill. It has two sections; One is the “Bar” section with 750 mixed drink recipes from A through Z, each drink individually listed. The other section “Grill” contains 225 select gourmet recipe with an index in each category with links to the recipes within that category. Pocket Bar & Grill costs $10.00.

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Progressive International’s Dripless Basting Brush

is perfect for applying egg wash on piecrusts, oiling pans, basting meat, and more. It has thin flexible brushes when compared to other silicon brushes which means the liquid gets distributed more evenly. It also features a wavy collar that keeps bristles (and messes) away from counters and stovetops and the brush from rolling away from your workspace.

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Onion Chopper

The feisty onion brings flavor to an array of culinary delights, and more often than not, tears to the cook. The Onion Chopper dices onions in one swift motion, minimizing odors and reducing tearing. Handy enclosed container with non-skid feet doubles as a measuring cup and holds up to 2 cups of chopped onions. Includes lid cleaning tool.

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The Seed and Stem Remover

This patent pending tool effortlessly removes seeds from large and small peppers. The elongated end has teeth to help loosen seeds and a scooped shape to gather up the seeds for removal. The round, crown end is perfect for removing stems from strawberries and tomatoes. It also works great for removing stems from mushrooms for stuffing.

Suction Lid

The silicone Suction Lid creates an instant airtight seal and can be used with a variety of standard-size kitchen glass, plastic, or metal containers to seal in flavor, keep food fresher, longer, and lock in the savory tastes of marinades. For best results, use on containers with smooth edges. Microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe.

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