Cooking can be a ‘Sheer’ pleasure in this kitchen

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Kitchens these days are being designed to be the focal point of contemporary interiors. It has also become a place to socialize while you cook without having to be embarrassed about the clutter which is normally the case with kitchens.

A perfect example of a well designed kitchen where attention is paid to the smallest details is Sheer. The Sheer is an unusual kitchen unit that is in the shape of a sphere. It is a circular island which becomes a lamp emitting a soft glow when it is closed and comes with a remote control with which you can split the sphere to unravel the designed-to-detail kitchen when you want to.

The lower half of the sphere holds a double sink, a four burner unit, three bottle coolers and retractable table and trolleys. The upper half sphere houses a ventilator hood and a lighting panel. The peninsular design is completed by a solid pull-out table in aluminum and steel. which encloses two electric switches for small domestic appliances.

Where do you store your groceries?
A wall unit which comes along with four folding chairs as a part of the package makes this a complete kitchen. Of course you’ll have to figure out a space for a large-fridge and your microwave.

The lower half comes in a metallic finish and the upper half is a translucent metacrylic to give it a contemporary feel and look.

You really don’t need another focal point when you have a Sheer. All good things come with a price tag and I’m sure this is no exception!


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