Audrey Tea Strainer: Brewing tea can be fun

teastrainer 2112
Tea strainers are used to catch the loose leaves when you pour out the tea. Most of the tea strainers available in the market are made of china, stainless steel or bamboo. If you want to savor tea in style, you must pick AUDREY from Kaizol which is designed like a flower in bloom. You get these lovely strainers costing $13 each in five colours giving you a choice to pick the one to suit your decor.

If you are a tea lover, this tea strainer from Koziol is a must have in all kitchens. ‘AUDREY fits in almost every cup and is just the right size for a single serving. After a long hot aromatic soak with its tea leaves, the bloom takes a tidy time-out on its own drip-catching foliage. A feast for all the senses’.

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