Kitchen Cabinet Trends


Let’s talk of the traditional kitchen cabinets. Very much elegant in design and style, traditional kitchen cabinets are detailed and got classic raised panels. They refer mainly to the styles of the Victorian era. Crafted out of different kinds of wood and flaunting a plethora of smooth finishes these cabinets are a combined effect of rich and sturdy woods.

Wine dark cherry are meant for a graceful setting, while the Warm brown oak are more preferred in the kitchen and the honeyed pine or the cream shade for a typical English country kitchen.

The contemporary kitchen cabinet’s on the other hand is simple without any frilly designs and curves unlike the traditional cabinets. They are all about neat cuts and simple styles. They go well with glass shelves, stainless steel sink. To say they very well harmonize with the over all kitchen decor with the minimum decoration.

The Merillat cabinet world is all about style, space and elegance. They deliver you an array of well-designed cabinets to be utilized for your everyday use.

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