Giving the look of the 50’s to your kitchen

50's look for the kitchen


The look of the 50’s was elegant and classy. It had the white, the pink, and the turquoise combined in the 50’s pink. You can give the 50’s look to your kitchen by providing some small alterations. The 1950’s kitchens were equipped with stainless steel and had simple colors along with sleek designs that made them very compatible with the people having contemporary tastes.You can give the look of the 50’s to your kitchen by following some simple steps even though the era has long gone by. Add a clock, some canisters, the turquoise and beautiful pink glasses, authentic glasses, and glass pitchers to your kitchen. You can purchase these items easily on eBay and other online shopping websites. The items will be delivered right at your doorstep. The 50’s look was very classy indeed and many people prefer giving the look of the 50’s to their modern kitchens. There are many books also available, which give tips on the looks given to a kitchen and you can also find guidelines and instructions on the internet.These retro kitchens have the same functionality of the modern kitchens along with some fun that accompanies while designing a piece of nostalgia.

Complexity level


Time required

Approximately 24 hours (after assembling and purchasing all the items)

Resources required

1. The table juke box

2. White and black tiles and sticks

3. Kitchen utensils and items like ice buckets, dishes, Dick and Jane books, Lazy Susans, glass and glass pitcher, etc.

4. Metal cabinets

5. Weird wall papers

6. Retro refrigerator

7. Chrome dining table


1. You can use the replicas of the earlier pieces for your current pieces. The table juke box forms a fine example, which can be planted against the wall near to the kitchen table. You can also collect items like ice buckets, dishes, linens, Dick and Jane books, and Lazy Susans. The look of the 50’s can be given to the kitchen by displaying all these items on the shelves of the kitchen. Try to keep the items deep into the shelves so that they do not fall and get damaged. Such mishaps can also cause human injuries.

2. The black and white stick on the tile squares of the kitchen floor will give the feel and look of 50’s. It takes only a day or even less for alteration and the process can be done easily. For the enhancement in style, the white and black tiles could also be placed on the table. You can substitute the tiles of your sink and stoves also with these tiles. The tiles provide the classical look of the 50’s to your kitchen. The cost involved is not very significant and you can make the alterations within the budget that you have allocated to the alteration process.

3. In case you like Marilyn, sock hops, and Elvis of the 50’s, you can create the whole feel of the era in your kitchen itself. For collecting the items you will require about a week’s time and then another 7 days for switching over. Further, you can paint the cabinets white and the counter tops turquoise. You should also seal the counters. The combined look is great and takes you back to the classy 50’s.

4. You can place aqua colored metal cabinets in the kitchen. Most of them, which are now found, are rusty but you can fix them to a proper shape by the help of a craftsperson. The increase in public interest in the 50′ era has also encouraged many companies to manufacturing the chrome dining table. You can place the table in the kitchen at a suitable location. And some retro look wall papers can be attached to the walls. Lastly, you need to place the retro refrigerator in the kitchen. The 50’s refrigerators had large and prominent chrome pulls on the front and rounded corners. These older refrigerators have much reduced capabilities when compared to their modern counterparts. But, you can always use them as cupboards.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to buy the items of the 50’s for my kitchen?

The items of the 50’s can easily be purchased on the internet at eBay or other online shopping sites.

2. How to pay for these items while buying them online?

The payment can be made by PayPal, credit or debit cards, and by cash on receiving the product delivery.

3. Does the whole kitchen need to be changed for giving it a 50’s look?

You can give the 50’s look to your kitchen by adding some items and giving some minute changes to the designing of the kitchen. You do not need to change the whole kitchen concept.

Quick tips

– Use quality black and white tiles and other items for the kitchen.

– Place the items in such a way that you get comfortable amount of space for working in the kitchen.

Things to watch out for

Place the glasses and glass pitchers deep in the shelves so that they do not fall down and cause any physical harm or wastage.

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